U.S Sleeping system

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by thecoops, Feb 20, 2012.

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  1. I'm sitting here while the wife watches the soaps thinking can I hand in most of my 11578. One thing I would need to buy would be a sleeping system now any one got any idea of what the yank system is like ?
  2. Why would you need a sleeping system, if you handed all your kit back?
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  3. I suggest that you phone up the Pentagon, and ask the operator to put you through to the Officer responsible for "Sleeping Systems"
  4. "Sleeping systems", press 1 for Temperate, press 2 for Artic. press 3 for Tropical. press 4 for not issued yet.
  5. Mince along to Lakenheath or Alconbury and ask the big guy at the gate to show you his barrack block.
  6. I've got one of these. Bulky, heavy, durable, well made, versatile. Shipping from the US can render it exorbitantly expensive, unless you scour Ebay and find a seller who can ship it comparatively cheaply, which was what I did. Can't remember how though, it's early.

    Kitmonster did have some of these a while ago (new, I think) might be worthwhile asking them.
  7. most of your 1157 is returned, (but too honest they dont really care as all your stuff is redundant) your sleepbag should be on a 1057.
  8. They're the shiznit... Mines in my SUV from October to May as a Just in case, along with other winter neccessities.
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  9. Got one from UKKitmonster a while ago for less than a ton. Great for camping and you can mod it to suit the temperature. It also cam with a funky bivvi bag.
  10. do you want one complete with GI PJs?
  11. Ive a double summer and winter buffalo dual sleeping system that was my treat after my falklands tour, and you can drive wearing both.
  12. Ive used the standard Buffalo, inner, outer with pertex cover and the army goretex bivvy bag in Norway, undies and a T shirt, and toastie warm. Forgot the roll mat.

    Sleeping bag ratings are very subjective, I have a mkII arctic sleeping bag I gave my GF during our first camping trip to N Wales in November, she was fully dressed and freezing her tits off. I knew it was warmer than my double skin Bufallo but I did the gentlemanly thing and swapped, I got the arctic sleeping bag and bivvy bag.
  13. US Army Sleeping System

    British Army Sleeping System

    I can't see how the US kit is any better :?
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  14. I seriously considered the Buffalo system, but the postage + exchange rate made it too costly. Re. the US system, you can easily find the separate components for sale, but I got mine complete, and would recommend anyone else to do the same.
  15. Hypothermia is nice,,, suddenly I'm warm and stupid and then dead. Hence why I bought a good sleeping system. Unlike the one issued. this is a 2012 comment.