U.S. shoots at Canadian envoy car

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by curryhead, Feb 1, 2006.

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  1. From State Department Producer Elise Labott
    Wednesday, February 1, 2006 Posted: 0457 GMT (1257 HKT)

    (CNN) -- U.S. forces in Baghdad accidentally shot at the car of the Canadian ambassador to Iraq, John Holmes, but no one was injured, a State Department official said.

    It was not immediately clear whether Holmes was inside the vehicle.

    "It's an unfortunate incident," the official said of Tuesday's incident. "We are in close contact with the Canadians about the matter."

    A Canadian official said the car, which was carrying four people with the Canadian mission in Iraq, was fired on in the capital's heavily fortified Green Zone.

    In another incident, Italian authorities said this month they had closed their investigation into the killing of an Italian intelligence officer in Baghdad by U.S. troops in Iraq, the probe's investigative judge said.

    The judge, Franco Ionta, would not say whether investigators recommended charges against the U.S. soldier who fired the shots that killed Nicola Calipari and wounded a newly freed Italian hostage, journalist Giuliana Sgrena, in Baghdad in March 2005.

    American troops opened fire at the vehicle carrying Calipari, 50, and Sgrena as it approached a checkpoint en route to Baghdad International Airport. A U.S. probe found that the vehicle was traveling about 50 mph, and failed to stop at a checkpoint when ordered to do so.

    The Italian investigation concluded that stress and inexperience of the soldiers played a role.

    Shouldn't the yanks would have a system in place to identify diplomatic vehicles by now especially in the Green Zone? :?
  2. John Holmes??????!!!!

    Nah...I'll leave it alone. :D
  3. Off to your hole Yank_Lurker! :D

    Seriously, there is a need for tracking friendly vehicles.
    Can it be done by tagging them with electronic devices and having them radio ahead their routes etc. ?
    Basically a real time tracking system monitored by the security in the green zone.
  4. The scariest part is that the spams missed the bloody thing!

    Hows that for protection within the green-zone??? :p :p :p
  5. oops sorry, my mistake, i thought the latest north america war had kicked off over the artic shipping rights. :D
  6. So now we know. There was no conspiracy to spray Nicola Calipari - they really are that hopeless.
  7. Something like the IFF devices fitted in aircraft, for example?

    Unfortunately the Americans have demonstrated that they can still fire on friendly aircraft in skies over which the Coalition have air superiority, and when aircraft are following their pre-designated flight plan. Despite the fact that Ahmed the Insurgent is usually seen in a knackered old Nissan taxi and wearing dish-dash, grubby, man's, they also fire on mil vehicles clearly marked as coalition, flying feck-off flags, whose occupants are wearing coalition uniforms and who are shouting at them to cease fire in English.

    Short of taking away his weapon, I am lost for ideas as to how Bubba can be made to stop shooting indiscriminately, though decent training and leadership would probably help.
  8. Something like Bowman for instance? (I know, it doesn't really exist, but lets pretend)

    Your individual system linked to your personal weapon (doesn't matter if it was a side arm or a ground attack aircraft), which overrides your desire to shoot friendly folk......maybe with 100,000 volts into your trigger finger if you persist.....

    now there would be a thing that our Merkin friends could do with......
  9. Given that we only hear of these incidents when "people who matter" are shot at (canadian diplomats, Italian secret agents) you have to wonder just how many of these incidents there have been involving Iraqi civilians.
  10. Nahhh, I figure any computer run system would be hacked and bandwidth sucked up by soldiers downloading porn (which is good thing...really).

    This may do the trick "decent training and leadership would probably help". Haven't heard of the British Army wiping out a yank squad yet.
  11. Judging by nthe Canadian board, seems some people on this thread were only too ready to open fire without positively identifying the target! :p
  12. Guilty as charged! :D
  13. Rumour has it, that in each of these cases, the US troops concerned have been carpetted on two charges:
    1) poor marksmanship,
    2) recovering the prior error and ensuring nobody remains to leak the info on their shoddy basic skills.
  14. That hopeless?

    You don't close with a convoy.

    Repeat after me: you don't close with a convoy.

    Again: you don't close with a convoy.

    [Edit] As for the "crap shooting' these soldiers are accused of, they disabled the vehicle without killing the occupants. Something everyone on this board likes to climb all over my countrymen about. So, what do you want, the US troops killing everyone on board (and then you can slag them for that) or disabling the vehicle WITHOUT killing them, and then you can slag them for that. :roll:

    Have we learned anything? I think John Holmes' driver did. You don't close with a convoy.