U.S. Seeks Agreement on Iraq; Three Soldiers Killed


BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Guerrilla attacks in Iraq killed three U.S. soldiers within a few hours, the Army said on Thursday, as Washington pressed on with diplomatic efforts to garner help in stabilizing the volatile nation.

A U.S. Army spokesman said a soldier from the 4th Infantry Division was killed Wednesday evening in a rocket-propelled grenade attack on a convoy driving through the hostile town of Samarra, in the heart of the restive "Sunni triangle" region.

A female soldier from the same division was killed earlier Wednesday and three soldiers were wounded when guerrillas detonated a remote-control bomb as a convoy drove past in deposed dictator Saddam Hussein's home town of Tikrit.

U.S. troops based in Saddam's sprawling former palaces in Tikrit come under regular grenade and mortar attack but Wednesday's ambush was one of the boldest yet. The bomb was planted just 300 meters (yards) from the palace gates.

In Baghdad, an attacker with a small-caliber handgun ambushed soldiers after dark Wednesday in the upscale Mansur neighborhood, killing one and wounding another, the Army said.
i wonder how the american public will react once they realise that their daughters are now being killed as well as their sons.
The whole-thing isn't working, i suspect they'll be in Iraq for a VERY long time!
I'm not in the forces yet and it'll likely still be rumbling on when i retire.
Civilian_In_Green said:
i suspect they'll be in Iraq for a VERY long time!
obviously some of them wont be!!

pity we have to suffer as well thanks to Blair sucking up to Bush's very possibly illegal war.
well there are already other nations there. polish, checz and lithuanian and some others. i heard that japan wanted to send a division out there to help. other countries are willing but its not you convensional ones that have done in the past.

seeing as blair is such good friends with the spanish PM and they were all supportive why dont they send some?

i think we have to many squaddies out there. my mate only came back last wednesday and he is already back out there! takes the piss really.

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