U.S. Secret Service agents sent home from Colombia - Prossies and Liquor?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by redshift, Apr 14, 2012.

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  1. I had hoped they had all over indulged on cocaine to keep an edge on. Getting pissed up, and caught? No imagination, no cover up skills demonstrated. Back to gateguard at Mothercares. Or transfer to keep an eye on Mr Blair,(please).
  2. They prolly didn't wear the correct shades.


    Eva Longoria.......
  3. This is 'Dania' (photo courtesy of that oh-so-upmarket paper the 'Daily Telegraph'). The Secret Service chaps got into the shit because one of them spent the night with her discussing Uganda, and refused to pay her what she asked for, giving her $225 instead of $800.

    Aside from the fact that it's poor judgement to short-change a hooker, I can't help thinking that $800 for her is a fair price. She does look quite tidy, IMHO.

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  4. I concur,very nice tits.
  5. If it's legal, what's the problem? They never sent BAOR home did they?
  6. Doesnt matter if legal in host country, US policy now is paying for prostitution is taking part in Human Trafficking. US Military will now be prosecuted under UCMJ for it. Some of the agents have resigned already and the rest will likely face interdepartmental charges and cashiering.
  7. Even if the brass is a Yank in the US or a Columbian in Bogota?
  8. If Clinton was still POTUS they could simply say they were screening the local talent in order to be able to provide customer reviews.
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  9. So much for what's done on tour, stays on tour.
  10. Just caught a few seconds of some vinegar faced old bag on CBS maintaining part of the problem is that only 11% of the Security Service are women - she wondered whether this incident would have occurred if there were more women on the presidential detail.

    I assume she did not mean that had there been more female Secret Service agents present that would have removed the need for the guys to look for paid playmates ...
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  11. Surely each case would be tried on its own factors?

    Many prostitutes in the USA will be USA born citizens with no trafficking across borders involved.
  12. I don't know about that, I was once told that coppers that shag nurses or plonks are just too lazy to ****.
  13. The problem is not whether it is a crime but the members of the WH detail have to have extremely high security clearance and potentially could be blackmailed. Also it reflects badly on the reputation of the Service.

    I don't what additional female agents would do to help the situation. For the record, I have dealt with female agents from the Service many times over many years and all were professional and competent and good people to work with.

    <serious hat off>
    I hope the Mods don't put me on the bad step for this (they seem to lack a sense of humour lately) but this picture explains an opposing view of the situation.

    Bill obama.gif
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  14. David, I suspect the lady was some sort of Dworkinista and regarded men as guilty by definition.