U.S. rethinks a Marine Corps specialty: storming beaches.

Discussion in 'US' started by ronnie12398, Jun 22, 2010.

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  1. " There is a paranoia, bred into every Marine, that the Marine Corps will be made to look like the Army, and then in lean times something will get cut - the 'extra' army."

    Given the unwavering support for the Marines in Congress, there is little chance that the service would be eliminated. Nonetheless, when (Secretary of Defense) Gates observed last month that the Army was becoming more like the Marines and the Marines more like the Army, the Corps began to worry.

  2. You really don't want to throw away that capability. Not undertaking an amphibious assault because the 'bad guys' might shoot back has to be the lamest reason ever, for if they can shoot at ships, they can down aircraft, and destroy armour. Does the US have another way of inserting troops that doesn't involve going by land, sea, or air?
  3. Nobody's used a nuclear weapon since 1945. Is the US going to get rid of its SSBNs first?
  4. Hmmm. Much as am outranked by Mr Gates, it seems to me that not all beach landings might be unopposed. I suggest he asks Hillary where the Falklands are in case he has ruled out EVER invading another country that has no friendly nation on its boarders. Quite frankly not all countries have Kuwait right next to them. So Hezbollah have guided missiles that can sink ships. Has the US Navy not got the ability to counter battery fire? And if its dangerous to attack by ship (which can also land Armour and heavy Artillery), how more dangerous is it to attack from the air by Hellicopter without any heavy equipment? Do Hezbollah not have SA-7's, SA-14' Strela-3's and other MANPADS helpfully provided by Iran?
  5. I've still never quite worked out why the USMC were sent up to I Coprs instead of the to the Delta. The Rung Sat Special Zone and other jolly places needed the USMC's amphibious capability
  6. My Guess, is because they initially landed at Da Nang to protect the Airbase there, and through Mission Creep wound up as the "Landowners" in that TAOR.