U.S. Pilots Manage This for 2 Minutes + !!!!!

Arrgh 17.678 Secs.

Eyeballs going funny now so not playing anymore
apologies accepted

24.5 seconds. But this was after about 8 goes, most of which were 0.38 or 0.44 seconds

yes annoying


5.2 secs. Just as well I didn't get through the Flying aptitude tests then eh!!
29.078 not bad if i do say so myself.
64.125 secs not 2 bad if i say so myself
'Kin ell that was addictive! 22.134, But I seem to have lost 10 minutes of my life. :?
6 seconds but with 6 glasses of classic white on board. What a sh*t of a game I think my Parkinsons disease helped there !!!!!
25.492 seconds 8)

Had a few practise goes though, the fecking thing thows you when it speeds up!
LoneTree said:
0.469 sec,s !!!!!! Mind you a Foden is alot slower than an F16 . So I guess I,ll be ok !

Regards LT.
Good man LT, I am hovering around the 17 second mark!!!

24.38 on first go - Can i have a jet please!!!

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