U.S. Pilots Manage This for 2 Minutes + !!!!!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Gundulph, Feb 3, 2006.

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  1. You think you have seen or done ALL the really really annoying games?

    The Worlds Most Annoyingly Difficult Game!!!

    American Pilots are expected to do this for 2 minutes + apparently if you get to 18 seconds you are the 'Biz'!!!

    Enjoy and Apologies in advance!

  2. 13.157 seconds so far!!! This IS ANNOYING!!!
  3. Arrgh 17.678 Secs.

    Eyeballs going funny now so not playing anymore
  4. apologies accepted

    24.5 seconds. But this was after about 8 goes, most of which were 0.38 or 0.44 seconds

    yes annoying
  5. 5.2 secs. Just as well I didn't get through the Flying aptitude tests then eh!!
  6. 29.078 not bad if i do say so myself.
  7. Oooohhhh 27.54 secs check ME out!! :lol:
  8. 64.125 secs not 2 bad if i say so myself
  9. 56.99 seconds. Think i might transfer to the crabs
  10. 'Kin ell that was addictive! 22.134, But I seem to have lost 10 minutes of my life. :?
  11. 21 seconds flat so far, on my 4th go, so i'm getting there.
  12. 6 seconds but with 6 glasses of classic white on board. What a sh*t of a game I think my Parkinsons disease helped there !!!!!
  13. The first 11 secs - hide in the top left corner . .Therafter Pahhhhhhh 18.6 at the moment. Now where is my life
  14. 32.64 sec but crappy laptop touchpad....

  15. 25.492 seconds 8)

    Had a few practise goes though, the fecking thing thows you when it speeds up!