U.S. Mulls Maritime Interdiction Off Iran

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Yokel, Mar 8, 2010.

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  1. See here.

    TEL AVIV - The Obama administration is considering using maritime levers to ratchet up pressure on Iran, from a modest expansion of existing international interdiction initiatives to the more extreme or less likely blockade of the Arabian Sea mouth and the Gulf of Aden.

    Implemented unilaterally or as part of an upcoming United Nations Security Council Resolution, such moves would complement the diplomatic drive to roll back Iran's nuclear program through sanctions.

    A senior U.S. government official said Washington was not willing to consider - "at least at this stage" - what he termed "tripwire-type military challenges" to Tehran.

    Nevertheless, he confirmed that U.S.-proposed sanctions are likely to expand maneuvering room to board, inspect and interdict shipping to and from Iran.
  2. Great -- just what we need. Another war to make the Middle East safe for the fascist bastards who run Israel.
  3. Well at least this is one where the RN won't be able to get involved. They would struggle to raise a grey painted rowing boat at the moment, with all the other commitments
  4. Not so. They have assets in the area at the moment.
  5. Yes, their other grey painted rowing boat!
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  6. Parlimentary Democracy

    Likud Party: Classical Liberal
    Kadima Party: Centrist
    Avoda Party: Social Democracy

    None are Fascist in Ideology, maybe next time lay off the Hallucinogens and Indymedia soap dodger articles
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  7. Not altogether sure that classic liberal can be applied to Israeli politics?
  8. I don,t know about any body elses opinion,but I like the Israeli,s....they are not flipping soft....they take no shit and this is really what is needed right now.....A bloody great size 9 boot with an arse kicker wearing it!!!!
    (Just my opinion....take it or leave it.)
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  9. Not a hope of this happening I think - the US are not in a position that they can unilaterally cut off energy exports from Iran to such destinations as China, Japan and India. And unless you do that then you can't put any meaningful pressure on the regime. You will of course annoy the average Persian, but as they tend to blame the US and support the regime as a result it's hardly a productive move.

    It also renders the US vulnerable to Russian pressure, they would be very happy to support Iran in the short term (going to seize and board Russian flagged merchantmen ? Thought not). Of course this would merely be a ploy to allow Russia to agree to stop in return for freedom to manoeuvre in the near abroad and a further rollback of US influence there.

    And be careful what you wish for, if the Persians really lose it they'll start dumping mines into the Gulf from all the small boats they have and you'll see a genuine blockade of all sea traffic. And I reckon the US public has less stomach for the economic consequences than the Persians.

    And for maximum giggles you might consider how long it would take for the Iraqis to start sending food parcels to their co-religionists to relieve suffering if things really bit.
  10. I would think that such a move, Iran dumping mines in the gulf would certainly be the fastest way to build an international coalition working in conjunction with the US.
  11. But Fascist can? Honestly?
  12. Push people too far and they do stupid things. They might regret it later but if you do as well it's not a victory.

    Besides, you're very naive if you think the members of said coalition wouldn't screw concessions out of the US as the price of joining. As I said, look at the Russians. They are using the US obession with the ME to roll back US influence in Eastern Europe, and doing it very effectively at the moment.
  13. I suspect the next few months will be interesting.
  14. Best we get those CVFs into service ASAP, you never know what sort of boghammer threats the UK mainland may come under! :wink:
  15. Que? Having said that, during Operation Praying Mantis a number of Iranian vessels were engaged by USN carrierborne aircraft - see this video clip.

    Personally I would be more concerned by the various surface craft with anti ship missiles, submarines, mines, attack aircraft, and missle batteries. You are right, we are lucky one or two USN carriers will be present.