U.S. Military Too Gay, Feminine to Strike Syria

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by alib, Sep 8, 2013.

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  1. Via TDB American Family Association: U.S. Military Too Gay, Feminine to Strike Syria
    Which raises the question are the French too butch not to?
  2. What?
  3. Anything grey and shooty = Battleship.
    Anything green and shooty = Tank
    Anything wingy and shooty = Bomber

    Journo-speak = Mong speak.
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  4. uss-kentucky-battleship-6.jpg
    Well the American Family Association is a little bit stuck in the past I think.
  5. I'd question his maths. Getting pregnant at an exponential rate would lead to a US nominal roll the size of the universe.
  6. It's Sandy Rios, she's a wingnut talk radio host, journo is pitching it a bit high.
  7. She's meeeja, thus she's automatically a mong, journo or not.
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  8. She's having a good go at Kerry here. God, that man is a soft target.
  9. US military now taken over by homosexuals? Maybe they had an ND with one of their 'gay bombs'.
  10. These AFA boys are a hoot:
    I suspect they may not be Torchwood fans.
  11. Well there was Chelsea Manning as she points out on her show.
  12. She has a point about the women. Gays though are a different thing. Hardest blokes I know are good with soft furnishings. As for the Syria stuff isn't it nice to see ultra right wing Amurica agreeing with a "darkie". Just goes to show books and covers etc...
  13. From Huff Po
    Lesbian's eating Campbell's soup, outrageous, that's poor folks dining, have these ladies no standards?
  14. Indeed there is a long martial tradition of heroic Friends Of Dorothy. Not to mention Spartans etc...
  15. Butternut squash bisque? Now there's deviancy for you.