U.S.Marine A photo to open every ones eyes.

Discussion in 'US' started by revmodes, Dec 19, 2010.

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  1. posted to me by my nephew (u.s. marine himself) so some of you across the pond may have seen this.

    Is this the unacceptable face of war for the general public in Western countries, or a demonstration of resolve to continue " the good fight " despite the price being paid by our servicemen and women.

    Highly emotive subject, should this type of propaganda, for want of a better word, be distributed in the media to score political points? The marine obviously feels that it should or he would not have taken part, a more non political banner may have been used " proud to have served , no regrets" to invoke the president smacks of political spin in play.

    IMHO the message should be passed on loud and clear that these service people are willing to make these sacrifices for you and yours, so stop whinging and support THEM, not necessarily the politicians of the day.
  2. I tend to agree with revmodes, particularly his last IMHO pareagraph. This typifies the attitude of the US Marines I knew during my service ... good soldiers, committed - and also damn good friends.

    Support the troops means just that ... even if you don't support the conflict they are involved in.

    Quis Separabit - to use my own regimental motto!
  3. I agree completely, even if the conflict's legality or reasoning is debatable, those injured or killed still deserve the respect, care and recognition their sacrifice entails.
  4. Shouldn't this be in a US only thread? The Brits DO generally support their troops and hate their politicians. It's been like that since the 1066 naughtiness.
  5. It has been on line in the U.S. read the post! Should this be put across with political spin attached ? I agree with your comments , but with the different cultural mindsets would their have been "outrage" here if the caption with one of our guys pictured had read,

    Regrets.... none MR BLAIR ?
  6. I think the poster should read "Nails"
  7. I don't think that's a fair comparison, the US poster doesn't explicity mention any particular politicician, and as the president os the commander-in-chief I think the term is more symbolic here. If the poster said "no regrets Mr. Bush" then I'd totally agree with you, but I think a more apt UK equivalent would be "Regrets? None that I can think of Ma'am (or 'your highness/majesty/ whatever the appropriate term is nowdays)". And I don't see the uk public having a problem with that statement atall.
  8. support the troops ?? >> YES!

    support the conflict ?? >> NO !

    so many brave people lost for nothing, it saddens me so so much
  9. Either way, the guy's a spartan. Just like all the other guys, irrelvant of nationality that have come back missing parts. I doff my cap in admiration and respect of them all.
  10. When I joined up, I didn't care about my political system, democracy, the United Kingdom, the people (I'd never met, and who wouldn't stop the help me up if I fell down.) I couldn't give a rats, I just wanted in, part ego/part excitement. When I was in I learnt that to defend your mates until the death was what you knew you could do. I still didn't give a rats for democracy, the people, the UK, etc. If I had lost my legs, that would have been a shocker, and I was lucky I didn't. Would I have regretted joining up and leaving 30% lighter? **** yeah.
  11. Was he actually consulted ? I'm sure I've seen the image before without 'the message' - has someone simply used an Internet image without the subject having a say?

  12. Just tap in 'demotivational posters' into Google, it's made up.
  13. Did he take part willingly and did he actually say that or has an image of him been used in a 'motivational' poster that anyone can knock up?

    Edited to add that CharmCity beat me to it!

  14. I agree with JJH although never USMC and my time in USA green was brief. I was very interested in the links he provided, especially the last link about retraining veterans for careers in the financial world. I recall reading an article about training done by GAMA Corp with senior marines training with financial traders. The theory being that the abilities of each groups involve rapid decision maing in stressful circumstances. I hope the program works for the injured.