U.S. hopes Syria joins war on terror?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Sep 12, 2006.

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  1. Yes

  2. Rather yes

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  3. In theory yes but unlikely

  4. No

  5. It depends on Israel

  1. http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/761776.html

  2. Stop threatening them then, that would work.

    Here's a radical suggestion . Stop letting Israel dictate your Middle Eastern policy. When was the last time you listened to Israel, acted on their suggestion/hysteria and you were absolutely right to do so, and it benefitted the US?

    Yes, I'm stumped too.
  3. Yes and it should be as long as those Neo Con pr1cks in Washington are not allowed near the decision making process.
  4. Bashar al-Assad - Did some of his medical training in the UK, met his wife in the UK (Sunni Muslim-and raised in UK)

    Plus he's a dead ringer for John Cleese:



    So a good start for some decent Anglo-Syrian relations!

    Contary to popular opinion over here (US) not all "A-rabs" stick together and have the same goals. He/Syria could be a real asset in these exciting times in which we live in.
  5. Sergey,

    You have a wicked sense of humour.

    Where are you from anyway? Are you Russian and based in Moscow?

    Syria joining the US? That would be something.
  6. good lord Random, with your sense of humour ( gleaned from some of your posts ), I would never have dreamed in a squillion years that you were a septic. I had you pegged as a cynical old English man with a wicked glint in his eye
  7. For the record (I sense a slight 'wah coming) I'm a cynical old Englishman living in the United States. :D
  8. It sure would be better to have them inside the tent p*ssing out as opposed to the outside of the tent p*ssing in.

    Not likely though.
  9. As you may see, I quoted White House spokesman Tony Snow. It is possible that he has an excellent sense of humour but in this case he was rather serious.

    PS. Indeed, I'm Russian and live in Moscow.
  10. why doesn't the US just say "please could everyone join us, the whole wide world, and then we can all invade Mars together"
  11. good lord, what on earth for? :?
  12. the conversation :D

    (work & wife)
  13. I'd like to see Charlie Manson become a caped crusader of justice, fighting evil-doers wherever the forces of corruption and iniquity lair.

    I'm not holding my breath, though.

    Maybe if Syria stops infiltrating terrorists into Iraq, and stops supplying weapons to Hezbollah murderers, the US won't feel obliged to be unfriendly to them. All a bully deserves is a few good hard kicks in the teeth, and unfortunately Syria hasn't gotten that from us. Yet.

    One can always hope.
  14. There was an interesting interview on BBC4 tonight it was raised that when the spat in Lebanon started that Syria offered to wavier visa requirements and offer passage to Damascus for trapped Americans when put to the Whitehouse they were told to forget it. So maybe Syria is starting to show it's hand albeit slighty

  15. Syria is infiltrating terrorists into Iraq. Is she? I thought they were busy rounding up those of a terrorist bent they can find? Fundementalist Islam is not high on Syria's must do list. Supplying weapons to Hezbollah , very possibly. America supplies arms to Israel , what's your point?

    A bully deserves...... Sorry , who was it that brought peace to the Lebanon again? A clue -NOT Israel. Who exactly has Syria bullied?

    Now if America hadn't been listening to Israel exclusively , and destabilised the region by demanding immediate as opposed to phased (and the vaccuum replaced) Syrian withdrawl from Lebanon, would they have just gone through what they did? It seems as soon as Syria was out of there, Israel was straight in and got a slap for her troubles.

    Syria should have been publicly brought onside a long time ago , enough hints were dropped and I am glad to see the adminstration use the flimsiest of excuses to get that hand out. America and we are going to need as many working partners in the region as we can muster.

    If you want to believe Syria hasn't already been working with the US in some way against terrorism , then that is up to you.