U.S. envoy would like to see Russia as NATO member

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jun 9, 2008.

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  1. Yes, of course

  2. It is not a bad idea

  3. Not sure but why not to try?

  4. I doubt that it is right to invite Russia

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  5. Stupid and senseless idea

  1. http://en.rian.ru/world/20080609/109643345.html

    Such an invitation likely would be rejected by Kremlin (maybe in mild form but rejected). So I believe it would be profitable (from diplomatic, propagandistical points of view) for NATO and Washington formally invite Russia. Namely: you don't wish to join, so why do you against other countries to join?

    Maybe this 'private opinion' is an attempt in this direction. And who knows maybe Russia would be a member of NATO in 20's and would be quite different country that time.

    So why not to keep NATO's gates wide open for Russia?

    You can laugh but just now I'm sitting in my kitchen.

    So Ukraine and Georgia are not ready to be NATO members but Russia is ready... Interesting.
  2. So, US got to the point it needs Russia to advance US interests around the world? Sounds like a nonsensical joke, to be honest... You sure your link can be believed?
  3. Waaahh!! If Russia joined NATO, what would be the point in having NATO in the first place?

    What IS this world coming to?
  4. The point IS Strategic Interests, Russia allied with NATO paves the way for, shall we say, "Lesser Campaigns" to forge ahead without Russian interference. Long term goals would be to Strengthen the West against a China or India superpower developing.
  5. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    She didn't say that. She did say:

    You ain't there by a long way. However, I am in agreement with the sentiment. It would be good if Russia joined. Might get rid of the paranoic loons on both sides, forcing both to find the good in the other.
  6. It is highly reliable source. RIAN is state-run Russian Infomational Agency Novosti (News).

    In_the_cheapseats, you are right.
  7. But it's not about "paranoic loons" (they are theatrics for public benefit), it's about a clash of interests. For as long as NATO remains a useful tool in the hands of US a mere thought of Russia joining the club doesn't make sense.
  8. Sergei,

    On a serious note I can't even envision this at this time, perhaps a decade or so. We missed our window I think.

    On a more serious note I am for it only if I am given command of at least a platoon of the Russian Army Women's Corp.

  9. A NATO with Russia in it has to be the geo-strategic endgame. A security block that encompassed the entire upper Northern Hemisphere and effectivly dispelled Russian paranoia about NATO intentions would pretty much end the major security concerns of the US/EU/CIS, China aside. It would also pave the way near-full nuclear disarmament, and open the door for a joint approach for solving a number of minor but festering issues like the final status of the break-away regions of Georgia.

    Most likely not a good idea until a post-2015. however. Last act of an Obama Presidency?
  10. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Why should it not aspire to be more? Because it is a handy tool for but one of its members? Not good enough.

    Status quo is not an option in the coming years and I don't see why this should be thrown as an idea for the future.
  11. I require at least a whole company. :D
    If I don't get it then God help you all... :plotting:

    On a serious note though I do feel that having Russia in NATO is not a good idea particularly because I believe we are long over due for a war with them and I dont trust the Kremlin even a little.

    (Not to offend you Sergey...who is not KGB/FSB :wink: )
  12. And how do you picture it? Right now NATO is under US thumb. An example:
    It is in US interests to make Kosovo "independent" and stick Camp Bondsteel next to a pipeline, but it's against Russia's interests -- Gordian Knot? What would NATO with Russia as its member do in such circumstances?

    Could situation change in future? I would ask: could NATO survive the demise of US as a superpower and EU move to independence, complete with its own army?
  13. To my mind, NATO is a dinosaur long overdue for extinction. A strategic alliance between Europe, North America and Russia might not be such a bad thing, although it might force a Far-East/West or North South Polarisation along Cold War lines. It would be far better if such a thing were built from scratch, though.

    And "the very high standards that NATO sets for openness, democracy, reform, rule of law that new NATO members must meet"? Physician, heal thyself.