U.S. Casualties in Iraq Rise Sharply

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Oct 8, 2006.

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  1. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/10/07/AR2006100700907.html

  2. Brick, of course you are not thick to understand that Washington Post is one of the leading American newspapers. USA is the leader of the West. So the leading article in Washington Post is worth to be discussed.

    For example, 300 wounded in Iraq at one week would be equal to 1000-1100 of wounded per week in Vietnam (taking into account numbers of troops). So if we apply a typical ratio of killed to wounded in Vietnam 1:3 it would mean 350 killed in one week in Vietnamese conditions.

    I believe that it is our duty to help our American friends to resolve Iraqi problem because apparently military approach failed.
  3. It is Ramadan, will probably get worse right up until the end of the month.
  4. Sorry Sergei, slight miscommunication there. I was making the pissed off comment about DigitalArsehole there since along with his charming "more where they came from!" remark he's also been posting snide anti-US comments in other threads as well. Witness his blindingly insightful contribution to the Navy to Christen Aircraft Carrier thread where he said,

    Quite frankly I think everyone can see he's got a bit of an insecurity problem going so I was just ignoring him, but his comment regarding the casualty numbers was just a Mlaaar too far for me.
  5. Thread edited.

    Repeat performances = 02 thief followed by banning if it persists. No one minds banter and teasing of Americans, even they , when they understand there is no malice meant and it's just humour.

    The deleted remarks were not humour, and attacks like that are in breach of the rules of the forum.
  6. IED deaths are the main killer of US troops. We are deploying an aerial capability that can detect IED's at 300 m.

    IED Deaths

    Jul-06 22
    Aug-06 27
    Sep-06 29
    Oct-06 6
  7. Deaths seem to be rising there Tom?
  8. Are you sure???

    Aha! Now you've editted to the more likely information. Sadly, in my part of the world, Octover still has a good bit to run - so the number 6 is likely to climb.....

    I'm sure this statistic will provide immense comfort to all those servicemen injured by other means, and to the families of these men/women (from the Washington Post article):

  9. No it isnt. The comfort they get is knowing that their loved one's died doing a job they believed in.
  10. Wow!!!!!!!!
  11. Sergey,

    which branch of the FSB are you employed by?. My first Drill Instructor was more subtle than you!.

    Regardless, get a life, no one is saying that our troops, or the Spams (or our politicians for that matter) are perfect.

    I sincerely hope you are not saying yours are.

    You constantly try to grab the moral high ground using western media reports as your sole source of information (Check your posts). Whats wrong with using your own media?. Ah, of course, talk out of line in Russia and you get a lead aspirin.
  12. No one has ever doubted that GI Joe has the ba lls nessacary to do the biz.
    He gets carried away with his Gung Ho Attitude but he'll be there ta the end, Cry
    "For King George and Alliburton."
    Makes me F-ing weep.
  13. Previously I thought that I have a very good imagination. It appears that I was wrong.

    I'm not a FSB serviceman. It is possible that your Drill Instructor was an excellent man, a professional and very sublte person.

    You are absolutely correct.

    There are many causes. Russian events are not interesting to our friends here. Russian newspapers can't be regarded as a reliable source of information (at least in some cases). And if something has occured in USA then it would be logical to use namely American sources.

  14. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    No Gospodin- what you have is Old World cynicism and a lack of exposure to the genuine ( and to us rather touching and possibly naive) patriotism of small town Main Street America.

    Same reason Bush's second victory came as a surprise to Left/Right coast chatterati - they never met any rural Americans.

    Take a look around where you live - if it's anything like my home the only national flags you'll see are on public buildings ( apart from the odd eccentric like, well, me).

    As no doubt you'll have been told it is absolutely commonplace for Americans to fly their national flag in the front garden - not hanging from a window frame but run up the genuine flagpole.

    Brits find all this childhood flag pledging and gung-ho conditioning a bit chilling ......it's smacks to us of the Hitler Youth a little....but it works ......the Armed Forces are held in the highest possible esteem Over There....and bereaved families who've lost a son or daughter will MOSTLY tell you they are proud though sorrowful that they died in the service of the USA.

    ( The support to offspring and widows is considerable and life-long too. Puts the Brit system to shame. How's your Afghantsi Bro-in-law?)

    Le Chevre
  15. Goatman, American super-patriotism is well-known.

    But... but Cindy Sheehan (a mother of fallen American soldier) is an example that shows: the statement made by our friend Tomahawk is not always true. Mrs.Sheehan apparently doesn't feel comfort. And I suppose that the majority of mothers of fallen soldiers don't feel comfort too.

    However those who sent the soldiers to die can feel comfort, no doubt.

    You mentioned my brother-in-law. He spent two years in Afghanistan and understood that time pretty well that the war was stupid and senseless. And most of officers understood it too, as well as soldiers. And no one mother felt comfort.