U.S. B-52 bomber crashes off Guam, 6 crew missing

Sad news. The BUFFs are getting old and no matter how well the airframes are looked after, some accidents are going to happen.
KGB_resident said:

Let's hope that the crew would be finded. God help them.

Thanks for the link KGB.

Just to let you know, the correct word is found, finded is not a word.
Father of my wife (late now) served in military transport aviation all his life. He used to say warmly about his DC-10 (aged that time but pretty reliable).

He was in difficult situations many times. He recalled as in Kongo (Brazzaville) during a heavy storm his plane (Soviet made) had to land without one engine.

Military service of my Father-in-Law was a constant stress for his family. So I would like to express support and understanding to relatives and friends of the crew. Let's hope.

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