U.S. Army Awards $1.35B Account to Ad Agency

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by TankiesYank, Dec 8, 2005.

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  1. Cut-and-paste because this is a registration site...thought the numbers might interest someone.

    I wonder what the British Army budget is for producing mediocre ads to attract bored youth?

  2. Funny really....Moodybitch lost her job with the advertising agency that has the MOD account because she spoke up against their current tranch of adverts for the Army.........yawn......boring!

    I reckon she should set up her own agency, and get serving arrse memebers to feature in her own brand of ads.........as long as it doesn't involve her hoop in the 'shot ....again.

    What about it eh?
  3. You've got to be joking. That's ridiculous! What a bunch of pu$$ies. If her former boss can't deal with internal criticism, then horrible reviews in the trades will be waaaaaaay too much for such a fragile creative blossom, and he/she shouldn't be working in advertising in the first place.

    I'm an account supervisor by trade. Maybe she'll give me a job when I finish my degree. If I have to suck corporate c0ck for a living, it might as well be squaddie c0ck.

    Note to the Tankie: If you're reading this right now, darling, that's a metaphor. :roll:
  4. $1.35bn?

    Have they signed the Ocean's 11 cast to star in the TV spots or something?

    Never understood the "Army of One" thing. First of all, it must have come as a rude shock to the recruit that tried to emphasise his individuality to his Sgt Maj. Second, who the fcuk would want to be an army of one? If you're an army of one, it typically means that something has gone horribly wrong- you're lost, everyone else is dead etc. Far better to be part of an army of 500,000 IMHO.
  5. I could feel him get his hopes up for a brief moment, even from here. :D