U.S. And Russian Satellites Collide

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by The_Cheat, Feb 12, 2009.

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  1. In an unprecedented space collision, a commercial Iridium communications satellite and a defunct Russian satellite ran into each other Tuesday above northern Siberia, creating a cloud of wreckage, officials said today. The international space station does not appear to be threatened by the debris, they said, but it's not yet clear whether it poses a risk to any other military or civilian satellites.

    Clickety Click

    Initial analysis suggests that there wont be any long term issues but as this is only 12 hours old it's to early to tell for sure.

    T C
  2. You fool - the satellites were distroyed by UFO's! It's just the prelude to all-out invasion! :D
  3. So which one's practising before they take the Iranian satellite out, the Septics or the Ruskis?

    Tinfoil hat time.
  4. Probably the ruskies, unless that 'defunct' satellite wasn't as defunct as we are being told.
  5. Considering the amount of debris possibly created and all the expensive satellites they have up there I'd be surprised if they used a simple kinetic kill weapon or one with a regular warhead. Much easier to just use a semi-dumb staellite that manouvers next to the opposition's one, grabs ahold of it and then triggers the re-entry rockets to tip them both down out of orbit. But then I'm also a supporter of things like kinetic bombardment programs, mainly simply because they're cool. That and because my list of targets I'd like to hit with one seems to get longer and longer every week. ;)
  6. It was an obvious attack by the Russkies!
  7. So, let's get this right...?

    As Douglas Adams put it "space is big, mind-boggling big..."

    And an old Russian satellite just "happened" to bump into a complex in-service American communications satellite?

    Yeah, right.

    Tin-hat time, if only to protect me from the debris that will rain down on us for the next few days....

  8. Did they have Neclear Powerpacks, as many now do?
  9. Not the Septic bird, Iridium satellites are quite distinctive because of their large solar panels.
  10. Dont the Americans have an agency (part of NASA?) that tracks all space debris and known satellites???

    I reckon they wanted a new server upgrade and because theres now thousands of extra objects to track they'll probably get it.

    Quick tanker foll of vodka to the Russkie Embassy and bobs your kamerad!
  11. Millions and millions of miles of space and they bump into each other - so who hit who ? how do they manage with the insurance claim ? Will it affect the NCB :)
  12. There's more stuff up there than you might realise and its all in motion. The shuttle regularly shifts orbit to avoid collisions.
  13. Weird, I was just watching You Only Live Twice aswell