U.S 75th Ranger's

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by L85-A2, Feb 28, 2005.

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  1. 5-mile run at no slower than 8 minutes per mile

    Is it just me or is that PATHETIC
  2. DiscoDan can skip it faster......in tights.
  3. and heels :D
  4. is that in boots with kit or
    in boots I suppose thats quite good
    in trainers its hardly elite stuff
  5. Dont forget, they will be singing cadence as well!!!

    It thier lovely grey t shirts with ARMY on the front, white socks pulled all the way up and a dodgy pair of Nike's on.

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  6. ooohhhh that reminds me I must take that copy of Heartbreak Ridge back to blockbusters
  7. That shat singing/running lark....We had a coy attached to us some years back, I can think of better things to do @ half six in the morning
  8. http://www.rangerrp.com/Army_Ranger_Recruiting.html

    Apparently, rangers lead the way. Hooaahh :roll: :roll:
  9. B@llocks, met Rangers in Kosovo. What a bunch of over-hyped t@ssers, all muscle who can't run for shiit, no wonder they need heli support :roll:

    brain-washed just about as much as the USMC......no wonder the US constantly feck things up if they call them 2 "special forces"
  10. Brain washed? Maybe. But the grunts and Rangers get the job done when it's a straight up fight, and not a road side bomb set off by a bunch of chickensh*ts.
  11. I belive gentlemen we have our first bite ':twisted:')
  12. I met a couple of Rangers who were staying in our accommodation in Hong Kong when they were on exchange, special forces my arrse.
  13. Our Bn worked with rangers on Ex-trumpet dance, Quite dense really. Couldn't run for toffie.
  14. Where they abused by the QAs?? one who stayed with us when I was there was......on a daily basis :twisted:
  15. We had a British kid in our unit in Germany. His parents had emigrated to the States, and he decided to join our Army. Wasn't a bad worker when he was sober, which was seldom. Finally got booted for drunkenness. A shame.