U.N. Uniforms late 70s Early 80s

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Montague, Sep 10, 2012.

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  1. Anyone got any pictures of Brits in UN Uniforms of the period please ?
  2. It'll look a lot like British in British uniform but with a bright blue beret won't it?
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  3. Yer its the brassard I'd like to see, Did it have rank and or Union flag on it ?

    That sort of stuff. What style UN badge .
  4. Look at the link I provided and you will see some clear pics of the brassard.
  5. Jesus! They didn't have gyms in the Army in those days, did they?
  6. Yer I can see a few not that clear :), seems shirts where not issued either. Any more ?
  7. Any good? :? ;-)

    Dr Who and UNIT.JPG
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  8. LOL twonk
  9. Well in case you hadn't noticed, we were on operations and UNICYP in 76 was rocking a little what with the minefields, the tanks and the two sides, particularly the Turks coming into the demilitarised zone to hold up U.N. troops at gunpoint while they kicked the crap out of the Greek Cypriot farmers. It was only two years more or less since the Turkish invasion and the facilities were completely basic. So no, No gym! The CSM, a certain E.B. however, was a fitness nutter and there were company runs for those not out on the O.P.'s a couple of times a week so the lads were actually quite fit.
  10. Not saying they weren't fit, they all look like racing snakes. The problem with racing snakes though is they break, from experience. Anyway, this isn't the thread for it, might start a new one in the Training section.
  11. I take your point. :)
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Whilst not derailing the thread the army I joined in 81 was racing snake mad. Carrying big heavy weights was for the sweats in SP coy so they tended to be less snake like. I suspect this came about with the introduction of the 3 mile BFT and the 8 mile cft phasing out the all in 10 mile bash in CEMO with Pln weapons. Even after a year at Shornecliffe I was stick thin upstairs but could run, it took a year n Bn to bulk out before I could get the GPMG.

  13. Loved looking at the pictures of the Box Factory.
    I was there in 1989, with the Dropshorts, and I am glad to say that we had tarted up that place somewhat!
    A pool, an inside and outside bar, a squash court, private rooms and a semi-decent workshop.

    Will endevour to find some 'photo's some time soon-ish.