U.N. Finds Uranium in Iran Enriched to Higher Level

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Radiance, May 25, 2012.

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  1. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/05/26/world/middleeast/un-finds-uranium-in-iran-enriched-to-higher-level.html

    While the world dithers, Iran moves closer to getting the bomb.

    With a bomb in their hands, the Mad Mullahs and Apocalyptic Ayatollahs will have
    1) Consolidated their power
    2) Triggered a Middle Eastern nuclear arms race
    3) Started the era of nuclear suicide bombing
  2. Unknown Source,,
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    But it won't make a blind bit of difference,,Israel will attack them anyway......
  3. Enrichment and purity are two entirely different things. 100% pure uranium can still be unenriched - depleted uranium is pretty damned pure but expended as a fuel source.

    Why is it trying to link the two?

  4. Points 1 and 2 are fair enough, but nuclear suicide bombers only exist in TV shows where the lead character's name is, "Bauer". Iran would first have to make the device, smuggle it hundreds or thousands of miles(depending on the target)and hope the terrorists manage to detonate it before the target nation's intelligence and security services find them. Not easy; look at how many terrorist plots have been stopped by British and American agencies.

    And even if they do manage to pull it off, what exactly have they achieved? They've just given the green light to every frothing at the mouth loon in both America and Israel to turn them into the proverbial Glass Carpark. I seem to recall that at one point the US Military's stated position was that, should Islamic terrorists carry out a CBRN attack on an American city, the response would be a Nuclear missile fired at Mecca(this is no longer the official position).
  5. Been watching "Team America" again have you?

    See you in the NAAFI.
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  6. Problems:

    1) The Middle Eastern nuclear arms race started in the 1960s when the US government acquiesced the the Israeli nuclear arms programme. The Iranians aren't starting it, they are about 50 years late.

    2) 'Mad Mullahs' and 'Apocalyptic Ayatollahs' - any proof to suggest they are? Sure, they talk up a storm, but so does any politician. I'd say their foreign policy has been rather rational. Considering they were willing to buy weapons off the Israelis in the 1980s, their rhetoric doesn't match reality.

    3) 'Nuclear suicide bombing' - scared much?
  7. That's a bit strong. I find Bingo boring as well but I wouldn't want to nuke all those grannies.

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  8. I'm sure when the first nuke goes off the world will breathe a sigh of reflief knowing the mystery of Iran having nukes being solved. Not sure if they will stay relieved for long though.
  9. Its all very funny and ironic considering it was the US that started Irans nuclear industry and even supplied Iran with enriched uranium.
  10. You overrate the ability of our intelligence agencies to get it right 100% of the time.

    Possible scenario:
    A freight ship has the components of a nuke smuggled on board. En route to a US/European port, the bomb is assembled with a cobalt-59 tamper. The ship follows all normal protocols and detonates the nuke at the last possible moment. Please explain how the authorities are going to stop a nuclear/radiological disaster.

    For the 12th Imam Shi'ites, that is exactly what they want because they believe it will herald the coming of their Mahdi.

    For the rest, they may be counting on the attack not being traced to them.