U.N. crime chief says drug money flowed into banks

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Contrarian, Jan 28, 2009.

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  1. So, what's new, I guess. UNODC Executive Director Antonio Maria Costa spoke of how international drug profits have helped keep banks afloat.


    Moral arguments aside, it's interesting how, for decades now, the ones [apart from those directly involved in the drug trade] to have benefited from the proscription of narcotics are the bankers [anecdotally, in particular, the bankers on Wall Street], whilst mainstream society reaps an ever worsening whirlwind of crime and disorder that, in part, stems from successive drug policy failures.

    The spotlight is firmly on the bankers. And, whilst not all bankers and institutional traders are culpable in our economic decline, more and more nefariousness is being thrown into the spotlight. They'll soon be sweating like Tony Blair in the Hague.
  2. Wasn't it reported last year that the IRA had lost a majority of its stashed funds in Lemans and Bear Sterns? I think it was the Irish press reporting that 'senior figures' were flying to NYC in futile attempts to recover funds.

    Its not as easy extorting money from Wall street sharks as it is from ordinary decent people is it boyos?
  3. the American DEA has been trying to gain access to British Banks in the Cayman Islands for the last 30 years and the British government has backed the banks in their refusel
  4. Have the DEAs attempts to access the off-shore banks been in order to combat organised drugs crime, or to grab a piece of the action? Just kidding.
  5. I seem to remember reading something along those lines in the Telegraph. I've done a search but have found nothing so far.

    Edited to add: ah, here we are: