U.N. approves strong force for Darfur

Do they really need to go into Darfur in the first place??? They're trying to make out its a simplistic battle between Africans and Arabs, yet almost all of the people are Muslim, Black tribes people!
Now all the UN needs to do is find a "strong force"
China already has some nearby guarding its Oil facilities......prehaps if they made the whole area a protectorate then Darfur would be an internal policing matter, and the Chinese are really good at that.
ghost_us said:
Now all the UN needs to do is find a "strong force"
Gordon can get some from N.I. and the 1500 returned from the Irag mess. It will make him a player on the world stage, good for NU Labour, So guys get : ready for your blue beret's , get your jabs up to scratch, any camel riders left in P.B.I. (Poor bloody infantry) :? dont forget your sunglasses 8O 8O 8O Dont know of any pubs, curry ,places,K.F.C. there.This is going to be the largest U.N. force ever,so carry extra water, it starts this October do a good job these people need your help very much, good luck to all. :D :D :D
And what are they going to do when they (we) get there? 'Observe and report'?
All depends on the chapter they go in under from the UN, 762. if it's SIX, then they can't do bugger all, if it's SEVEN, they can shoot to kill to protect themselves and locals.
Lucky we've got all these desert combats, isn't it.
762baynet said:
And what are they going to do when they (we) get there? 'Observe and report'?

They were saying that they can't arrest armed villains or take away stores of arms and ammunition, there is very little that this force can do except be a target for gunmen.
W.Anchor, if that's the case then the troops would be under Chapter Six of the UN Charter, and yes, completely ineffectual and pointless.

Was hoping for Chapter Seven (the shooty one) so a difference might be made, but...
From the BBC

BBC Clicky

Extract from UN Charter

Just listened to BBC News by the sounds of it British Troops won't be involved in this OP.... But then there were WMD. This was apparently Brown giving the World/UN a Wake Up Call
Darfur is a tarbaby at best... the intertribal/ethnic/religious conflict there makes Iraq's breakdown of factions look simplistic.
Deep Joy! another stinking toilet filled with ungrateful, ignorant Chogies to risk your life for. Kitchener was right.
Amongst other things. WS Churchill wrote a very good book about Kitchener's campaign in the Sudan. Scary man stuff.
was that part of the world not controlled by us at one time or another???
pretty much the point of a massive army sent to sort the place out. we left in the 60's

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