U.K vs U.S.A

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ex_sigs, Sep 18, 2005.

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  1. If the U.S.A was to run out of oil, and suddenly found out that the U.K was the worlds biggest oil reserve,and decided to Liberate us from our opressing government. what do you think the outcome would be?

    Thought it would be interesting to see if anyone reckons the yanks could beat us.....
  2. Well, for starters, if it really came down to it, in addition to the comparatively massive size of their armed forces, they could probably add around 60 million 'soccer moms' in SUVs the size of Challenger 2s to their order of battle.

    I'd like to think that they'd start with a comprehensive sanctions regime that started with export bans on Britney Spears, Barney the Dinosaur, Mormon misisonaries and The O.C..
  3. They could make life very unpleasant for us, but not as unpleasant as we'd make it for them. But how do you think they'd go about controlling some of the near ghetto's that Trevor Philips was talking about this morning. Or a council estate full of chavs? And what happens when 3 Para reaches 40% strength and the CO gives his last command "disperse yourselves about the country and become insurgents"?

    If they invaded us for our oil what do you think would be the most likey targets... and don't forget we really do have WMDs.

    The IRA gave us the runaound for 30 years, what do you think we could do to the yanks?


    If by "liberate us" you mean "assinate the PM, cabinet and few (OK, lots) special advisers" then is next week to soon?
  4. If I found a bunch of foreigners on the corner of my street brassing up passing cars for "force protection" reasons then I'd be using any means at my disposal to send them all home in body bags. In conventional military terms they'd win easily - but then the country would be ungovernable.
  5. Sounds familiar, it’s what the Iraqis are doing to them at the moment…

  6. haven't you noticed, everytime hte americans (Or Russians) try it on with a smaller contry, the Smaller contry plays a geurilla war, and wins!

    They would Eventualy crush our milatry, but without takeing a beating. but then.... as the others have said.
  7. Chav insurgents? Now that's a scary thought.
  8. Funny that isn't it ... The thing that makes me despair about our cousins is the way that they seem to be unable to put themselves in the shoes of the ordinary Iraqi. You can try the following experiment yourself if you like to illustrate this.

    Take one fairly normal American (ie one who likes guns, not one of the whining "everything is bad" health nazis or a lawyer) and engage them in conversation about the Second Amendment. Confirm that it's a good thing and that one of the reasons (apart from blowing away any thieving scrote you find in your house) is that an armed people can never be defeated by outside invasion. Mention "Red Dawn" if your conversation partner is old enough to remember it.

    Move onto Iraq. Nod as you are told that the US will prevail. Confirm the high level of gun ownership in Iraq. Then state that when the US win in Iraq they'll prove that an armed people can be defeated by outside invasion.

    Stand back and wait for one of the following reactions:

    1. The point slides by unnoticed - black is white, love is hate etc.

    2. You're told it's completely different in Iraq because they're a bunch of rag-heads (the argument may be wordier but that's what it'll boil down to).

    3. You're accused of being a liberal, a Democrat, a moonbat or an asshat. Why do you hate America ? You needed us to win your world wars for you Eurofags etc.

    4. It all goes quiet and they start to think.
  9. I'm not so sure they would win mate. Last week I issued a challange to single-handedly fight the entire United States Army. The Cowards failed to show at the alloted place at the specified time. Although this was technically a default victory for lairdx I was left feeling bitter that I had been robbed of satisfaction.

    And If I got my hands on invading troops they wouldn't need body bags they'd need lots of those little bags which are used for collecting dog poo.
  10. It would be better if we had warning of the Yanks invading, then we could lay down stocks of arms and explosives etc - just like Iraq did and, no doubt, Iran and Syria are doing.....Then let the fun begin.
    Lets face it, many would find a whole new meaning to life and thoroughly enjoy it all.
    And the Yanks think they have a chance of winning in Iraq.....lol
  11. I'm not sure it would be so bad. After they had beaten us, which they probably would, at least the shops would be open later, Petrol would be a quid a gallon not a litre and if i were an American citizen, i think i would stand a slightly better chance of meeting and bedding Jennifer Aniston.

  12. We would be OK. Look back at the Wars of Independence or such there have been. Terrorist/Freedom Fighters form. Get bashing but in process the forces loyal to govt. use excess force or in some way come under pressure ffrom right thinking people. This increases support for Terr/Free fighters. Once they get to critical mass, they will win. Govt authorities realise they cannot win military war and settle for negotiations. Terrs/Frees get what they want. Kenya, Cyprus, Rhodesia, NI, Suez Canal 53'ish. That is just in a small geographical area. Lima or Peru - not sure but 3 governments in 1 day.
  13. If the Septics decided to invade the UK, the British Army would have home advantage, plus knowing all the airbases, storage facilities etc. But the decisive factors would be the mindset of the Brits: they'd be fighting for their homeland, while the Septics would be fighting for pay. It's what doomed the Septics in Vietnam. A further factor is that the Septics have never come up against a PROPER professional army.
    Apart from that, wouldn't it be nice not to be exposed to a constant blue-on-blue hazard? This time we could shoot back at them!

  14. But you forget. We have shared much of our int, etc with the Spams for years. Do you not think they know where all our airbases, logistics, WMD are stored already? They probably have exchange officers in these places.
    Several other points. The Americans have Armed Forces that are manned, equipped and trained to fight total all out war on a large scale, and they heavily outnumber ours. I reckon the military defeat, e.g. destruction of key points, strategic assets, divs and bdes, etc would happen quicker than some people think. The war of insurgency is the one they would have trouble with, as many of our inner cities are pretty much ungovernable at the best of times. However, would they need to use that many US soldiers? Why not follow the example of many other invading countries and recruit sympathetic locals, then just insert US administrators into the command chain at key levels?
    The economy of UK plc will have collapsed, as no doubt has law and order. If they offered every copper, squaddie, nurse, teacher, council worker, anyone else in key positions a job that paid good money, how long do you think it would take to fill each vacancy? I suggest not too long, based on previous cases of collaboration between natives and invading forces. Austria, Poland, France, the Channel Islands, India, Africa, etc, the list goes on. Does nobody remember the German Security Unit in Berlin? The Unit was formed just after WW2 finished, and was comprised almost entirely of German nationals subordinate to the RMP. Their OC, I believe, was the only man in history to be awarded both an Iron Cross by Hitler and an MBE by the Queen.
    Once the status quo was established, the economy reinvigorated and life back to normal, we would get to the point where people wouldn't want to rock the boat. The school books would be re-written, our women would all marry yanks and people like us who were still carrying out attacks would all be informed on and shipped off to Guantamano Bay.
  15. If you guys keep on going the way of Muslim millitant's immigration
    and rearing...to the point where you're a base for Jihadist Islamic terrorist's attacks on U.S. interests...your Government transitions to an Radical Islamic throcracy and 'they' stop thinking Princess Diana was a complete fox...(and you got a bunch of oil you won't let us exploit)...then you might have a problem with the U.S. Military!