U.K., France To Launch 'Ambitious' Cooperation Study

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fantassin, Jul 19, 2010.

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  1. U.K., France To Launch 'Ambitious' Cooperation Study


    Published: 15 Jul 2010 15:55 PARIS

    Britain and France have agreed to a joint effort to examine which defense capabilities the two countries might share and those for which they could depend on each other, in a bid to boost cooperation in Europe, French Defense Minister Hervé Morin told members of the parliament here.

    "We have decided with my British counterpart to launch a very ambitious operation," Morin told the parliamentary defense committee July 7, according to official minutes of the meeting.

    "The new British government wishes that we analyze in a very detailed way what are the competences and means that each of the two countries should retain complete sovereignty, those which could be pooled, and those on which there could be interdependence," he said.

    Work on the French side should be completed by the end of July, Morin said.

    "We will compare our notes in November," he said. "The British are ready to envisage cooperation even in very confidential topics.

    "One of the solutions we can envisage in coping with reductions in capabilities is to consider a strengthened operational cooperation with certain of our European partners, notably the United Kingdom, which is confronted by the same dilemma as we are," he said.

    The British government is due to publish its strategic defense and security review about Oct. 20, while a separate defense industrial strategy paper is expected next year.

    Morin said one intended area of cooperation is air refueling.

    "For the MRTT [Multi-Role Tanker Transport] air tankers, we will try to work out a common plan with the British," he said.

    More at:

    U.K., France To Launch 'Ambitious' Cooperation Study - Defense News

    So, another bilateral political ploy or is there actually some potential ? Your thoughts on the new iteration of the entente cordiale ? The word "interdependence" is quite strong....
  2. Not that my opinion matters in the least but-

    Co-operation, wonderful crack on.
    Interdependence, the most stupid, hair brained, lunatic idea spawned from some deranged moron that has understood nothing from history.
    The United Kingdom must be able to defend itself without reliance on others. History has repeatedly proven that.
    France must surely be equally as aware that dependence on others is no protection.
  3. Phroggie rat packs are ace… mucho perferrable to ours and infinately better than the swill the yanks put in theirs. So there's one thing we can share and improve our military capabilities.
  4. Complete waste of what little money we've got left. Will France commit a carrier group and marines to retake the Falklands? Or fling a nuke to revenge the nuking of Coventry? Would France let us use "Shared resources" in the Middle East ?
  5. Same questions asked in France...will the UK commit a carrier group and marines to retake French Guyana ?...
  6. surely it would be a mere formailisation of a long held partnership i.e. cooperation in Suez and NATO matters
  7. I am pretty sure those will be the exact questions the study asks.

    One thing this does illustrate is that the next government expects the period of intervention and expeditionary war in hot and sandy countries to end within their Parliament.
  8. Hmmmm Suez springs to mind.
  9. couldn't more cooperation with allies = more expeditionary warfare? If we (or rather the government) wanted to go to a Japan style "defend only the British Isles" posture, surely a 1910 style isolationism would be the defence policy du jour, rather than pooling of hardware and manpower