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U Gap (Comision for your year in industry)

I was reasently told by an army recruting team that there is a sceem called a U Gap which is very like a Gap Year commision exept that it is run in you 3rd year at Uni when you are doing your "Year in Industry" and as far as your University Degree is conserned it counds as a year in industry.

Can any one tell me more about this?
main things I want to know are:-
is it true?
how long do you serve?
what are you likely to end up doing?
Is it treated exactly the same as a Gap Year commision?
How far in advance should you look at getting your self involved?

Any infromation would be great.
Wolf, I've not heard of this "U Gap" scheme either.
There is, however, a Graduate placement scheme. This is effectively a Gap Year Commission, but it is done in the year after you graduate from University.
Perhaps they got their wires crossed, and this is what they were actually referring to?
UGap is exactly the same as a GAP year commission in terms of conditions infomation on the army web site in the officer careers section
You serve approx 12 months with 4 weeks at RMAS to start then a few weeks of specialist to arms training.
Same as applying for a commision you normally know were you'd like to end up ie sigs, RE, REME inf etc and will be looking to be sponsored by them to RCB.
Right. Got you 11D, but I was aware of this. :)
That's not what we're discussing here. We're wondering about whether far-famed_wolf can do it as a placement year in the 3rd year of a 4 year course at Uni.

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