U dun wel sis

OK, she is an 'actress' but who the fcuk is she?

Bradley Wiggins hit the nail on the head.... "but ultimately I am very normal in my life aside from cycling. I'm not a celebrity, I will never be a celebrity I don't consider myself a celebrity. I despise that whole celebrity culture. I think this country has become so fascinated with people that become famous for not achieving anything in their lives"
I wouldn't go to Hull for a shag (or anything else) if you paid me, there are far more salubrious areas around my neck of the woods.


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Well, clearly, as a non-Hermer, I would do it and make it do unspeakable but fantastically deviant things. But, who the fuck is she ?

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Apparently an actress, but can't say I've ever seen her in anything, but then again I usually only watch porn with blondes in!

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