U-Boots' Escape

U-Boots' Escape


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U-Boots' Escape - The sagas of the U-boats who escaped to Argentina in 1945

This is principally the sagas of U-530 and U-977, both of which perfidiously ignored the German surrender and escaped to Argentina in 1945 - no mean feat, particularly in the case of the cranky U-977 - and which and whose crews were nevertheless handed over to the US fairly soon after arrival. Included is the story of the minelayer and transport U-234 which was intended to take to Japan all manner of key raw material and personnel but which honoured the surrender. It is nice to think that...
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For U-977 try pages 674 - 676
For U-530 try pages 688 - 689 of

Blair, C. (1999 : Hitler's U-Boat War, The Hunted 1942 - 1945.

This is part two of a massive two volume history of the German U-Boats in the Second World War. The first volume being:

Blair, C. (1989 : Hitler's U-Boat War, The Hunters 1939 - 1942

Both books are 771 and 820 pages respectively. I found them in the book shop located within the UN House in Sarajevo about ten years ago. A good read but very, very long.
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