u are al rubbish

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by pompeyx11, Apr 6, 2009.

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  1. why does know one reply to any of the questions on here sensibly??????????????????????????????????????????????/
  2. This is going to be erm.....interesting! :roll:
  3. OMG this will get ugly..(dons Osprey and hides under bed)

    Your mad you know..oooh and a knob ! :wink:
  4. know answers questions they just think they know it al and leave stupid comments if know one has got anything gd to say dont say anything at all.
  5. Sorry did you say something?????

    All I heard there was waaaah waaaah waaaah waaaah. Dry your eyes princess!!
  6. Pompey, send key setting, over.

    If you wrote in English you might have a chance of getting a response
  7. omg see wat i mean i dont think there is any decent people on here well ctually there are a few decent ppl.
  8. It could be because most people hate chavs and people with the grammar compared to that of a frozen pea, the title may hint. :roll:
  9. Well what the feck do you expect posting a topic/thread spouting this dripple?!?!

    As far as I can see you asked some questions and got the answers you were looking for. If they weren't the answers you wanted.....tuff!

    Now please lighten up and stop throwing your toys out the pram!
  10. "Pompey X11" When you have learnt how to spell come back. In the meantime take a large "Feck-Off Pill" and leave the real soldiers alone!! Off ya go now son.......off ya go..........
  11. what a cock, im no chav mate, i dont know how you can get that outcome from a title you little prick
  12. haha the real soliders most ppl on here are't even in the army lmfao.

  13. Erm.....have you actually read the title?!?!

    I think you meant.....'Why are you all rubbish??'

    Did you just headbutt the keyboard several times to type that????
  14. and what so i cant spell that well who gives a shit.
  15. no i meant you are all rubbish. its just abbreviated you din
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.