U-2 Ops from South Korea

Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by Magic_Mushroom, Aug 9, 2017.

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  1. Spy plane pilot in South Korea prepares for flight - BBC News

    I've always had a bit of a soft spot for the U-2 so thought some may be interested in this short BBC news video feature from Osan AFB in the RoK. It shows a little of the lengthy pre-flight ritual of this very specialised form of flying.
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  2. #opsec
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  3. I watched the U2 coming and going at RAF St Mawgan a few times, amazing bit of kit
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  4. Opsec? It's on the BBC ... wait ... wah, right?
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  5. I'd hate to put the ejection system and suit to the test at its operating altitude. Not a pleasant bodily existence/experience should something go awry.
  6. Would it not make more sense to base it in Guam, Japan, Hawaii, Australia, Thailand etc?
  7. #Infomation Ops

    We are watching you, Kim Wrong Un.
  8. Why?


    The U-2 is non-AAR capable so it wouldn't even reach the operating area from most of those locations. Flying from Osan optimises time on station.

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  9. I hope the pilots have fathered children before they go U2. They'll suffer a proper dose of cosmic radiation.
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  10. A good friend of mine is a very experienced U-2 pilot and Sqn cdr. There's no appreciable health issues associated with the jet despite a recent study indicating greater risk of brain lesions. These are a minor risk for all aircrew but U-2 pilots fly at a higher cabin altitude to 'normal jets. As a result, the standard U-2 cabin altitude was lowered.

    My mate incidentally managed to have plenty of fully serviceable kids during his flying career.

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  11. Gary Powers was flying from Pakistan to Norway

    Also it will take time to climb to operational altitude
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  12. Pffft! I will wait for a real exspurt, Meerkatz is the man to tell us.
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  13. NSP

    NSP LE

    Isn't exposure prevention why the pilot's to all intents and purposes wearing a space suit (along with allowing ejection in the highly-rarefied atmosphere of operating altitude), with it's nice gold-inlaid visor n'all...?

  14. I think the original shuttle suits were adapted U2 suits iirc.
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  15. If I recall correctly when taking off they used to do steep climbing in loops over the base they took off from for security reasons, this been back when they never existed.