Tyres for Motorhome

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by happybonzo, Nov 19, 2011.

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  1. I have Michelin Camping tyres 215/75-16 on the motorhome. They're fine on the road but they are the worst tyres for grip I have ever had. They are also 6 years old and although they look fine, 6 years is fair age for a tyre.

    I have seen these tyres on Ebay and they are 205/80T-16 Would I be able to use these?

    I don't see that it is worth buying Michelins again. The vehicle has only done 30k in 11 years.

    If I could still get the old Firestone Town and Country tyres, I'd use them but I don't think that they're made any more

    Ebay LINK
  2. Find out the date of manufacture of the E-bay tyres.
  3. The ebay tyres are not suitable. They won't take the load that I need so it's Plan B now
  4. This is a very thin tire for this sort of vehicle. Check the manual for compatible tire sizes. Michelin are usually top of the range, we use Michelin for winter on our van and Continental for the summer. It makes sense to have a more narrow dimension in M&S tires, but you should see if you can't mount something like a 235 or so for the summer, though not on those 7" wide rims you likely have. Check with an expert and be careful with purchases on flea bay. Don't cut corners with tires, they are the only thing that keep you on the bleedin' road...
  5. I wouldn't buy Michelin again two sets of tyres I've had cracking, peeling and perishing at low miles/age. Customer service is terrible and accused me of living near the sea and I'm sure I don't. My local supplier doesn't stock them anymore.
  6. just out of curiosity...what pressure are you running on?
    my reason for asking is that I have an auto-trail scout but the previous owner was pumping the tyres to 60psi!! that was per fiat ducato handbook but that was stated for a commercial van, but a motorhome doesn't go up to that sort of weight, I now run them on 40psi and find a big improvement on road-noise and comfort, regarding your original question I have some obscure brand on mind but I find them ok. I find pressures more important than brand make.
    avoid any tyres made by wahnli...utter shyte.
  7. I think we may have new members for the ARRSE camping club.
  8. Some manufacturers will even go to 75psi because of the body shapes; anything less and the motorhomes roll like Davy's sow.

    The Fiat handbook does show 60 to 65psi. What Fiat, and Merc for that matter, forget is that Autotrail, Hymer et al buy the front end of the vehicle and then nail an Alko rear chassis onto it. So the pressures recommended for a commercial van delivering anything from cement to pharmacuticals they may well be right but for a Motorhome carrying 300 cases of Strongbow, 39 cases of Plymouth and a tub of Crisco thay are usually way out.
    Your approach of trying different pressures is good but be careful. I would have expected an Autotrail Scout to be on at least 50 to 55psi just to help counter act body roll.
  9. feckin paddy. Don't be surprised if the plod come knocking tomorrow, now that the rape vans license plate has been all over the internet...

  10. Cant disagree with any thing you said there
    I found with 60psi running over anything at speed eg catseyes loose chips sounded like gunshots, but I take your point about bodyroll.
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