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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by cent05zr70, Feb 19, 2013.

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  1. ...wanted a new rear tyre, so phoned a firm l've used before. Answered by an automatic voice, pressed 1, got human.
    Me. I want this tyre...is it ok with a tube? (Spoked wheel)
    Oh, I don't know, l'll pass you on to a colleague...
    Colleague....I'm not sure, l'll pass you on to a colleague...
    More music. Finish drink...
    Put phone down.

    Phone second choice. Talk to human, ask question. Oh, l don't know, sorry, we'll phone you back.
    All sorted, and £8 cheaper.

    I'm bored, and fancied a moan, why don't people who are selling something put someone on line who knows what they're on about?
  2. Because, although counter-productive, it is cheaper to employ mongs.
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  3. Yep. Tubeless one. I think they're a tighter fit though. Blue air, sweat, snot and blood.
  4. Nope. Right size, seems to me that tubeless tyres are a snugger fit than tubed tyres, makes sense, I suppose.
  5. Well most tubed tyres aren't used much more these days. But all depends on what the tyres for really. For example if its a wheel with spokes in it then it would need a tube. But if its a modern car then it definitely shouldn't have a tube in it.

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  6. He did say it was a spoked wheel!

    OP Are you sure you can rely on a tubeless tyre on a spoked wheel?
  7. I put a tube in. I may be half senile, but I'm not fuckin' stoopid.
  8. So you put a tube in a tubeless tyre right?

    Every man an Emperor
  9. Isn't the feature of a tubeless tyre that it can be used without a tube (but doesn't have to) while a tubed tyre must have a tube in?

    ... with a tube in, they'll both go flat rather quickly if the tube is punctured.
  10. If you put a tube in a tubeless tyre and drive the vehicle on the roads then get stopped by the police they can class it against the law, you can get a fine or 3 points. I was in the tyre industry for 4 years and have known it happen to a few people doing it to Land Rovers. Then again I don't know what Cent's tyre is being used in (vehicle).

    Just trying to give a little advice

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  11. You live and learn. When I joined the TA, we still had some LandRovers with split rims. Although they used tubes, they were still fitted with the tubeless tyres that were provided for the non-split rims.
  12. In some case like that, things aren't moving with the times and you have to do it, I have done it with a lot of agricultural stuff in the past. And to be honest I couldn't see a military vehicle getting pulled over for a random check haha

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  13. Because they have no expertise, despite being in the business. They are what I call "box shifters" they have no knolwedge of the products, just simply read the lable on the shelf or box. They can go the the correct shelf, but not recognise if it's the correct item or not. They can't answer any technical questions unless it's been asked before and they have the written answer available to quote. Box shifters are everywhere and they're spreading. I detest them, but they are a sign of the times, employed because they are cheaper.
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