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Tyre blow out - Advice needed please

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Ravers, Aug 5, 2009.

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  1. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Last night I was driving home on the A40 near RAF Northolt. I was travelling at steady speed of around 75 as there were no other cars around and it seemed safe to do so. Suddenly there was a loud bang and the back end of the car started to loosen up, I could hear the tyre flapping around and realised I had been the victim of a blow out. I pulled the car up to a steady halt, no big deal.

    The tyre was completely shredded and the tread had come away from the walls, there was also a chip in the wheel from continuing forward after the tyre had come off. Some small scrathes had also appeared in front of the wheel arch, presumably from the tyre flapping around and then ejecting itself from the wheel at high speed.

    The thing is the car is 4 days old and the tyres are top spec Pirellis, could the blow out be due to a manufacturing fault or even the dealer failing to inflate the tyre properly? There was no debris in the road that could have caused this. I know most blow outs are caused by worn or under inflated tyres.

    Obviously I am going to have to fork out to have the wheel and arch repaired, not to mention the cost of a new tyre. Does anyone reckon I have a chance of getting the manufacturer to foot the bill on the grounds that the tyre was faulty?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. I would suggest you've got nothing to lose by putting your best fighting head on and returning to the dealer asap. The bigger the stink you kick up the better. Even if they dig their heels in, you're still no worse off than you were at the start.
  3. Nicely written Ravers, are you expecting this to be used in evidence?

    I certainly would have the car and wheel back at the dealers. However tyres are one of those things they have huge amounts of small print about, but what have you got to loose. 4 days FFS
  4. You could of picked up a screw or nail or something sharp in there and not realised it ,as you dont inspect your tyres every day, I dont think the dealer can be held responsible unless you can prove they sold you a defective vehicle. Plus it will be hard a hell to put the blame on the tyre company,unless you prove that the tyre was defective from new . Could you get the tyre peices back or a serial number from the tyre as there may be a defective batch , And they could ask for the tyre back for examination. just some pointer's for you
  5. Take it you mean you were travelling at 75kph as the speed limit is 70 mph over here :wink:
  6. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Absolutely :wink:

    Cheers for the advice fellas. I am off up to the dealership now to have a word. Oh the indignity of driving all the way there with a space saver!

    Unfortunately I was unable to recover the bits of the tyre as there is no hard shoulder on that stretch of road, so I couldn't safely walk to were it had deposited itself neatly in the fence surrounding Northolt.

    If any RAF Plod are reading this who are based at Northolt please could you return my tyre, it's nearly new with some slight wear and tear, should be fairly easy to spot. :D
  7. I had a set of winter tyres fitted to my car (German law and all that...) at a Ford garage. 6 weeks later took the same car to the same garage for a service. The mechanics refused to hand the car back to me because one of the front tyres had a large bulge on the inside wall. When I pointed out that they had fitted the tyre (Pirelli) only 6 weeks before, they quickly changed all four at no cost to me and sent them back to Pirelli for inspection in case it was a faulty batch. Job jobbed.
  8. To elaborate on what Legs just touched upon, a dealership - whether they are obliged to pay for any damage or not - may be happy to foot the bill (or at least part of it) if it gurantees them more custom from your good self in the future.
  9. Go in and tell them... what have you got to lose.

    If you keep it to yourself, you might

    a. lose out because others are complaining and getting their money back.etc.

    b. pottentially allow a botched batch of tyres to be fitted to other peoples cars, or leave 3 others on YOUR car. The results of further blow outs could be a bit more extreme next time.

    Nice driving by the way, to keep control at... er 75kph!!! :D
  10. I'd recommend replacing at ASAP. It does nothing for the handling.
  11. My advice? Run-flats are for winners.
  12. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I have just returned from the dealership and have a nice bill for just over £1900.

    New wheel + tyre
    New rear bumper
    New wheel arch lining
    Repair dent and scratches on rear wing
    Re balance suspension

    Luckily my insurance company are going to pay out but they have demanded that it is fully investigated. So the insurers are now dealing with it and I should get my car back next week. Whoopy doo.

    I tried claiming for some new pants after the little bit of poo that came out last night but unfortunately these weren't covered.
  13. Just as a matter of interest what make and model of vehicle is this?
  14. I picked up a brand new company car a few years ago and lost a rear wheel on the way home, the bolts had all been over torked by the tyre fitter and sheared the first time there was a little latteral pressure

    I now drive a Fiat Camper van and all my tyres are " Astrosealed" I just check them for nails, screws ect every few days and pull them out, some manufactures of campers do not fit spare wheels now as the tyres are treated from new