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Typing test for Sandhurts

Can anyone shed any light on this? I've been reliably informed that the Army are planning on introducing some kind of ICT basic skills tests across the board. As far as I know Sandhurst is semi trailing this and that Potential OCdts now need to be able to type to a standard of around 25wpm. Its a very recent thing, only a few weeks old.

Cheers for any help


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Well the amount of drill on the curriculum is allegedly down to the Household division, looks like the AGC have put their 4p worth in.


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It would open up a whole new area of bone recruitment posts:

"I've got my War and Peace typing time down to 11 days and 3 hours. I should scrape a pass."

"If you want to be a leader of soldiers, scraping through is not the way to go. 8 days maximum for War and Peace you idle cnut."

"Don't call me a cnut you w@nker, I just came here for some advice so f*ck off."


*$@! to you too."

"MODS to the hole with this!"

etc etc, for pages and pages.
I saw the title and laughed heartily!

In all seriousness though, I suspect that if there is a typing test that basic errors such ass that will **** against you, so pay attention to who you're doing!
In all seriousness though for the younger generation of officer entering the Armed Forces, rather than get the little treasures cold and wet on a night nav exercise, they are beginning from basics and testing their ability to navigate various parts of their bodies through a series of tests, initially hand eye coordination over your basic qwerty keyboard. CNUT!!!

I'll get my coat.............
the typing test is easy and can be done by most with a 2:2 degree.
however if it's in town planning or creative writing you do have to pass it within 3 attempts.
if you dont your then told your go to a lesser corps/regiment & never make it passed major.
oh and please dont ask how i know this, i just do.

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