typical squaddie saturday night?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by bigbird67, Apr 25, 2007.

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  1. I'm still miffed that we never got to see the rest of that little RMP bint!!
  2. "The men, all thought to be from Glasgow, fondle each other dressed in nothing but their prestigious uniform and socks."

    Do the Army issue prestigious socks now. :?: I feel sooooooooooooo jealous - all I ever got were horrible green numbers. :D
  3. They issue black socks now mate, or have I stumbled across some SAS night Op socks?
  4. Whats so odd about men from GlasGAY fondling each other? I thought it was mandatory amongst the sweaties... hence the tartan skirts.
  5. If they feel like doing it again. I'm willing to do the videoing :D
  6. With the exception of the Pipes, the Scots Guards are a betrousered regiment. No doubt this unnatural confinement has led to the build up of erm...enthusiasms...and this display of joie de vivre.

    It seems an awful lot of fuss about what I assume is probably actually an esoteric masonic practice of the Scottish rite and not lewd at all?
  7. We only use bumming as a way of sifting the men from the boys, as it were. If you cry or whimper at a short weegie massaging your buttocks from the inside then you won't pass on to Stage 2 - being abused by a weegie bird in Tyger Tyger
  8. Wonder if 3 PARA Mortars had anything to do with it??
  9. Thank fuck it wasn't the Navy in the news again....

    I'd rather surrender to the Iranians thank you very much... :D
  10. Its not as if you've never had male parts on you.
  11. OPSEC FFS :D :wink: