Typical Euro reaction to terrorism

Saw this article on the BBC website:


Seems like a typical Eurocrat screw-up. Literally just as the shooting stops he comes out with a really crass comment like that.

We haven't seen much help with the 'War Against Terror' from the Dutch, French and Germans when it's suited them to stay on the sidelines.
Mr Bot called on all countries to work together to fight terrorism.
Hollow words, that mean nothing. Designed to make Mr Bot look good in front of the cameras.

Well a quick heads up mate, as the UK and US implement tougher security measures it is only a matter of time before terrorists will look at easier western targets. Maybe a MacDonalds full of dead families will finally make you mean those words.
It's the usual typical reply from the wishy-washy left wing countries of the EU, who constantly think of appeasement and heads in sand scenarios.

Soon I suspect that we may see something similar here in the EU, I hope to be proved wrong, but very much doubt it :evil:
..has finally put troops in Iraq!
As much as these ********* pretend to speak for something called Europe it still doesn't exist.

Quite frankly as long as there is national interest involved (especially French national interest) it never will.

The Russians treat the Chechyans appallingly and Putin is not a very nice chap. Doubtless we would have handled it differently. But the guys there did their best (maybe it wasn't good enough) and whatever the provocation, killing children is not the answer.

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