Typical cost for a session of physiotherapy


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I've had an ankle problem for the past few months. Hopefully physiotherapy will provide a solution.

What is the typical cost for a session with a physiotherapist? Are there any accreditations or qualifications that I should be looking for in a physio?

If you are registered with a GP you can get referred to Physio for treatment through the surgery & it's paid for through the practice fundholding....unless you want to go 'private'.


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I'm looking to go private. I've managed to track one down who does NHS work at two practices and is a Chartered physiotherapist. I don't know what he charges yet, though. Cheers.


Probably between £30-£40 for a half hour session, they will want to see you for longer on the first appointment,
I had very good treatment on the NHS at my local hospital, it just takes a while to get referred from your GP.
I needed physio because of a trapped nerve (C4/C5 spine) & was referred to a private practice for treatment + it was paid through the surgery.

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