Typical Amercian?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FNUSNU, Apr 29, 2005.

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  1. The BBC website was asking for opions on the new EUROPEAN Airbus, this is one comment:

    'I hope there's a vacant spot, in the museum, next to the Concorde. This aircraft will be there very soon! Typical European misjudgement. The inferiority complex that spurs this type of project is really quite pathetic. Good thing that a third of the project was funded by EU governments, as a real business would need to ensure there is profitability involved.'
    Michael, USA

    Is this just a case of throwing a teddy in the corner because we built something bigger and better tan the US could? It pi55es me off! :evil:
  2. They like to think everything is bigger in texas.

    Not any more cletus :wink:
  3. Hah! Like Boeing isn't subsidised to the hilt, the hypocritical spam mo'fo!
  4. Michael, USA is a dufus...I think it's a cool idea. But instead of cramming in another 100 seats...they should use the room for entertainment.
    You know, live bands...dance floor...wet bar...maybe one of those Mechanical rodeo bulls or perhaps put in some 'bedrooms' ahh the possibilities!!!
  5. You just watched 'Soul Plane' didn't you
  6. You'd think that Micheal, USA would be concentrating on his court case. If he did throw his teddy in the corner, is it because he had a new puppy to show the boys?.
  7. Americans - big country, loads of people - 80% don't own passports - tells you something. They are coneheads. :evil:
  8. Most americans dont have passports because they dont need them to travel to the places most americans want to visit - Florida, Hawaii, Canada
    and Mexico.

    Back to the airbus. The plane is sure pretty. Able to carry 500-800 passengers. Sure will make headlines when one crashes.

  9. I wish these Spams would get over their obvious penis envy. I have to live amongst them and If I see one more sorority girl this week, fumble around trying to park their Range Rover into a parking space marked COMPACT, a vigourous application of a blunt object to the base of the skull will be forthcoming. :wink:

    And don't even get me started on the Boeing/Airbus trade dispute. Let's see how Boeing gets on without being able to feed off the "khaki t1t". Their research is paid for by NASA, subsidised by the Pentagon paying over the odds for anything they buy. Sh1t, the 747 is even based upon Boeing's failed bid to built a heavy lifter for the USAF (a competition which Lockheed won with the Galaxy.) How many 707s/ KC135s did the USA buy? Cnuts. :evil:
  10. crabtastic:

    You know why sorority girls don't have group sex?

    Too many thank-you cards to write.