Typhoons move to Lossiemouth

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by buggrit, Jul 18, 2011.

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  1. Good news for Morayshire in the fact that the Typhoons are coming up here. Leuchars closing as a RAF base in favour of the army, and the army moving into Kinloss. Ft George, Redford and Dreghorn all closing.
  2. Fort George is staying open.
  3. Got BBC Parliament on now. The question was asked about Ft George and the rest and it was confirmed it was closing. Unless I heard wrong.
  4. Key points in Scotland

    • Leuchars: RAF leaves, army takes over
    • Lossiemouth becomes only RAF base in Scotland, housing Typhoons at a later date
    • Fort George in Inverness stays as it is for the Black Watch
    • Southern Scotland will get a new army training area
    Troops will also be stationed at Kinloss in Moray, which closed as an air base as part of MoD cuts.

    Fort George in Inverness will stay as it is the Black Watch base.
    In Edinburgh, Craigiehall, Redford and Dreghorn barracks will all be sold and a new facility will be built at Kirknewton.

    Glencourse barracks at Penicuik will see extra investment.

    MoD Caledonia at Rosyth, now used by the Royal Navy, will in future be shared with the army.
  5. I humbly stand corrected! :)
  6. Thanks Johnboyzzz, Shame to see the Union Flag lowered at Redford though. If only the MOD had kept Winston Barracks instead of selling the land off.
  7. No problem mate, It will be a shame to see both Edinburgh barracks closing but FFS sending then to Kirknewton
  8. In todays day and age housing is the key, think of the land sold off the pads estates either demolished or repackaged as a housing association. Either way the taxi fair will be just as bad as Penicuik.

    Just thinking though will this centre be relocated or kept where it is.

    In the mood
  9. That's the Tattoo fecked, then, if they can't use Redford. I can see it being privatised and Army/Navy/RAF making quest appearances by invitation. Massed P&Ds from the Commonwealth countries. Too much money/profit involved.
  10. I have a friend who is involved slightly and as far as I am aware they lare fighting like hell to keep it going where it is.
  11. The Tattoo is a strange beast, if HMS Caley gets some fresh Z type investment think what else can rejuvenate it.
    After the pool is still in good nick.
  12. Dont know what units they'll move into Kinloss but whoever moves in will have a serious accommodation problem. There's not a lot of singly space and certainly not a lot of married quarters after they sold off a whole estate.
  13. Wait til you see Kirknewton.

    I assume that they will be building the new place on the old airfield, approx size is 1km x 1km, and it will not be having massive vehicles there because if they are then they will have to upgrade the B road and there is a level crossing just outside the vilage. There used to be a very small camp opposite there but it was sold off and dozens of self builds have been erected in its place. The married quarters in the village were sold off decades ago.
  14. Ritchie Camp I think it was called? A&SH reformed there in 1970 IIRC.
  15. Waterproofs and umbrellas all round then.