Typhoons down.

A bad run for ze Germans: now a mil helo crash near Hannover with at least 1 fatality. Potentially more questions to be asked about maintenance and training.

'Authorities in Germany say that a military helicopter has crashed in the north of the country and at least one person has been killed. Police told news agency dpa that the helicopter crashed on Monday in Aerzen, southwest of Hannover. The fire service said the aircraft belonged to the Bundeswehr, the German military. Further details weren’t immediately available.'

An EC135 training helicopter from Bückeburg.

The second out of a fleet of 15 to be written-off.
Bank station is only feet under the surface of the main road, the main ticket concourse took a direct hit, 56 were killed, it was kept quiet for moral purposes . The station is under the centre of the convergence of 4 roads, And serves the bank of England, the royal exchange, and the mansion house, in the heart of the city of london, the square mile.
I said before, and I will say it again - just saying the words Bank station gives me a headache. It's not a station, it's a maze..and being a Londoner for 8 yrs still hate it..
Going back to the Jaguar days RAF pilots did around 200+ hrs a year. 140 hrs is too few.
Beware judging this issue from a historic perspective.

Modern synthetic training where simulators can be networked with others around the country and even globally, as well as interacting with live training can in some respects be superior to flying.

In Jag days, a sqn deploying to RED FLAG would significantly increase its live flying to work pilots up to the exercise. Today, Typhoon pilots reduce it and place greater emphasis on the sim to rehearse those weaponeering and EW elements that will be encountered.

Flying hours are not the yardstick they once were. However, hours are below what we need and we need to sort out the Distributed Operational Training Capability Programme out.

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They use EF2000 or Eurofighter.
This pleases the eu.

It will make it easy to assimilate then into the EUftwaffe.

They're probably hoping they can find some old Junkers bombers...