Typhoon squadron stands up in Scotland

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by MoD_RSS, Sep 19, 2012.

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  2. I guess it's my own growing status as a Cold War relic, but I miss the Tornadoes, Harriers, Bucs, and Jaguars, I used to see at air shows in Germany, (and sometimes staging air raids on our base!), sometimes the odd Vulcan. The old inventory seemed so much more varied and "cool" to a pre-teen kid, and the modern one to these aging eyes seems so genericized. I'm sure the Typhoon is a superb plane, but...it's not just the same.
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  3. And Phantoms. Phantoms are cool.
  4. And the Vulcans...

    (Are we just naming old planes we like?)
  5. Pretty much.
  6. I just re read Yank Lurkers post and he already said Vulcans so I am out, you cannot repeat another aircraft, its in the rules apparently. I knew I should have said Lightening, always wanted to go to Thunder City, too late now:


    Is closed down but offered flights in Buccaneer, Hunter and Lighning:

  7. And I loved the way the roar of the engines resonated in my chest as they took off at RAF Wildenrath.

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  8. Can still buy a similar experience in Eastern Europe, although on MiGs rather than Lightnings. One way to afford more flying hours for your front line pilots; let rich businessmen pay for a ride in the back seat :)
  9. Yes I admit it is a nice looking aircraft, but I do feel that you Brylcreem Boys have regressed a bit. Not half as fast as the Tornado !

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  10. If this is the fourth fighter squadron of five to be stood up, and assuming the OCU squadron makes a total of five stood up, how many of the 160 aircraft are still to be delivered?

    P51D Mustang. Oh look, I win.
  11. Reaper, future of the RAF when someone busts the myth of the master race.
  12. "Stood up" F*ckin' "Stood up"! Squadrons are reformed FFS! Even the poxy MOD are using Spam isms! Squadron badges are 'Number plates', Shoulder titles are 'Mud guards' and why in conversation do Crabs say they're in the military not RAF?
    ..............and breathe!!...............an' another thing... that poxy RAF advert with the AW139 that the Crabs don't operate (FBH training Algerians) crewed by civvies!
  13. I still like my Tornados.

    Stood on the apron at Lossiemouth when two come in to simulate an attack. Low level, nose up, full afterburner, the whole ground shook. Stunning.

    Also, standing on top od a Munro, looking down into the glen when two of them come roaring past below, wings back, tracking the hillside.

    But these days, I have Typhoons come over the house several nights a week, and the howl before there arrival puts the hairs on the back of your neck up. We are in the middle of nowhere so we believe the house is used as a marker for them. As they come over the mountain behind us, they head for the house and the floor of the glen before turning and climbing over Lochnagar.

  14. What? No chairs?

    Bloody defence cuts!