Typhoon pilots sent home after 'night out'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by easesprings, May 25, 2011.

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  1. Two RAF Typhoon pilots due to fly missions over Libya were sent back to the UK for "inappropriate behaviour", it has emerged.


    ooopps slap on the wrists for the brylcream boys.

    But as we are short of qualified pilots no doubt they will be sent back out on the next Duvet resupply
  2. While this is relatively 'old news', at least there's no mention of WAGs. :drunken:
  3. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    No feed from the MoD rep?

    RAF Pilots sent home directly or will they divert via the Bahamas for a week with "technical issues"

    Op Ellamy gone dry now apparently

    That'll be the same Op Ellamy were conditions are so hard they're squealing for a medal?
  4. Big deal, I bet the bomber crews who flew from the Lincolnshire bases in the Second World War were a bit ropey of a morning on occasion too.
  5. Sure, but they only had to hit the right city, not the right vehicle.
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  6. Its all relevant though, a Typhoon does most of the work these days therefore Biggles can sober up on the way to blitzing an evil Lybian skip . At least one poor bugger had to be compus mentus in a Hampden or Stirling I imagine :)
  7. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    IIRC in a couple of books drinking before Ops was frowned on even then
    Last thing you want is someone falling asleep when over Germany
    I assume if someone had been found in heir position unable to fly they would have been branded LMF and stripped of rank and flying brevets
  8. Inappropriate behavior in the RAF = Suggesting working on a weekend!!!!!!
  9. Personnally, I don't believe that the RAF chaps had been drinking as that is classed as a manly hobby.

    If they had been returned to the UK after being found blowing each other off or being the centre pieces of a 7 way bukkake then yes, I'd believe the report.
  10. With the noise and low temperatures of the aircraft in those days (they weren't heated or insulated) nor were they pressurised, falling asleep was the least of their worries. Plenty of other action to maintain awareness and attention when over enemy territory.
  11. Things have obviously changed a bit. I can remember a certain Jaguar Sqn from Brüggen circa mid 70s, who left their bum prints on the ceiling of the Officers Mess at a certain Luftwaffe base, whilst on exersise there. There were no consequences even though photos were taken that the CO got to see, and he was strict on disipline, so much so that the officers were literally frightened of him. Then there was the morning briefing from which a certain navigator was missing. When the others were asked where he was, the answer was "missing believed pissed". Which was exactly the case.

    PS "is understood to have led to a temporary alcohol ban for other RAF personnel serving in the Mediterranean." What!!! On detachment and no booze! How can the RAF function?
  12. I can't see the problem myself. During Herrick 4 I'd routinely nip into downtown Sangin for a swift jar and a toke after a long, taxing day blowing civilians up. Work hard, play hard.
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  13. Wonder if it was because they booked into a travel lodge type hotel instead of the usual 5 star digs
  14. Probably, a nigh over enemy territory does leave one lacking freshness. They may even have had a quick swig of rum on the flight there and back... to night bomb.
  15. What kind a gay, commie, uberslack kind of organisation uses phrases like "inappropriate" anyway?
    Oh yeah. The Crabs.

    I think the sauce was just the lubricant for bad behaviour. My money's on a spot of naked bar followed by fisticuffs with The Wop.

    Either way they held on too tight and lost their edge, wrote checks their asses couldn't cash and crashed and burned.