Typhoon pilot clocks up 1,000 flying hours over Libya

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by MoD_RSS, Aug 11, 2011.

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  2. Not sure what to make of that... fair play to the pilot like, but i'm kinda thinking soldiers clock up 1000 hours front line duty in 42 days but don't seem to get anywhere near the same kudos...
  3. Keep a log book
  4. That's because we're lowlife.
  5. What a hero.
  6. This is another very cleverly worded of headline propoganda from the RAF. There is no way any of their pilots have clocked up 1000 hours over Libya. What it means is that a pilot has clocked up a career total of 1000 hours. This happy event would have coincided with a sortie he was flying over Libya. I doubt if any of the airframes have completed 1000 hours yet.
  7. Doesn't cost quite as much per hour either.
    1000 hours in a Typhoon, how many million does that stack upto........
  8. So which bit says he's clocked up a 1000hrs over Libya? He clocked his 1000th hour on type whilst on operations in Libya as stated in the article.
    As usual it turns into a bash the RAF for anything thread even if the facts need to be twisted but hey never let the truth get in the way of a good bashing. For the record i hate the crab C#*ts but its better to bash them with facts then they have no come back, Instead of just making us look stupid.
  9. Its probably the title of the thread and Article.

    Typoon pilot clocks up 1000 hours over Libya which infers that he has done 1000 hours over the airspace.

    But it does go on to correct the bad jurno mistake and say that actually he's clocked up his 1000th hour in that airframe over the lybian Airspace.
  10. His point may have been that, but it wasnt cleverly written it states everything he was trying to point out, in the article. It would be nice if people read the actual albeit dull article before trying to make out the facts were eluded too to get a good PR coup. Guess you probably didnt read it either but then again you are a greenie :)
  11. Will this help him get a job with Ryanair or easyjet?
  12. Why not? He'll probably do more damage with them than he will flying missions for the Royal Air Farce.
  13. 1000 hours in his gonk bag is what i think they mean't to publish!
  14. Apologies that was a bit harsh:

    "Typhoon pilot clocks up a 1,000 hours in a 5* hotel"

    Sleeping bags! !what was i thinking?
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  15. I was thinking that if his commute to Lybia is so long, they should try and find a 5 star hotel nearer the front lines. Try this one in Malta. 5 star Hotel | Corinthia Palace Hotel and Spa | Near Presidential Palace