Typhoon nearly stuffs in

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Jul 17, 2005.

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  1. The Pilot of an RAF Typhoon escaped death with only a very soiled pair of underpants at Fairford at the end of last week.

    Note, the aircraft is over the grass not the runway and its believed he is recovering from a loop, he is clearly in full reheat trying to recover it...... Reckon I;d have bailed out if I was clever enough to be able to fly one in the forst place... lucky lucky bast@rd.

  2. Are you sure that that is a 'panic manouver'? It looks very much like a standard low level, high power display pass that is done by many fast jet display pilots.

    I'm sorry, but it looks like he has a lot of power on yes, but if he was in 'Full Reheat' you wouldn't see anything behind him but orange flame and burning grass. I'd need to see it on video to believe anything other than it was part of a well flown display.
  3. Are you serious? Two metres off the deck?

    Funny badge for the RAF MDN.
  4. There is a display "minimum altitude" for planks of 100' AGL. Rotary is 50' AGL for hover work only. This is one very lucky plank driver!!!!!
  5. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    I can imagine a few voices and buzzers were going off at this point in the display.
  6. feck me Mighty doh nut I agree think that yellow and black thing would have been in orbit. Cracking pic though, if that was intentional I would by that crab a beer or ten good lad. If not still would anyway lucky bugger.
  7. Well, this flypast was intentional and although it is along the runway, it's well under 100 ft AGL without any sign of undercarriage. The incident at Fairford may have been unintentional, all I had to go on was the photo, but don't tell me that some display pilots don't do stunts like that knowingly, I've seen them.

  8. Maybe you have seen it PP, but it's not allowed in the UK, and that pic you've posted isn't the UK either.
  9. Plant pilot am sure that was intentional, but not quite that arse scraping intentional. Been to a lot of airshows ( I know shoot me now) and that F18 is fecking lucky to still have tail pipes. Would love to post it on Blue Angels site to see if they claim that height was really intentional, but have no doubt would get the " O yeah man we do that daily" reply, so really I can't be arsed.
  10. It's true that individual display pilots sometimes get a little over-enthused. The most 'interesting' displays are often seen on the Friday fly-ins and practices before airshows, right before the guys spend the rest of the night in the mess seeing who can urinate farthest up the wall. The teams tend to take things a lot more seriously however.

    I've seen the Blues a few times and I'm sure this jet will have taken off only a few seconds earlier.

    There are 6 a/c in a Blue Angels display. The first four depart in formation and then the two solo a/c depart individually.

    After take off, the Lead Solo (No.5) pitches up to 150ft or so and performs a 'dirty roll' (aileron roll with gear and flaps down). The Opposing Solo (No.6) takes off, retracts the gear immediately (flaps still down for take off and the FCS probably still has a thing or two to say about control surfaces at high alpha), then as soon as the wheels are in the well he performs what they call a split-S but what we right-minded folks on this side of the pond call a roll off the top.

    On the other hand, they do perform a 700kt pass down the display line at 50ft (no noise as it approaches and just enough time for the educated to think "Oh fcuk, this is going to be loud").

    My hunch is that since the Blues fly the routine 3-4 times a day for three years, he will be at 50ft agl and not a penny less for the high speed pass. For my money they are the only ones that come close to the Reds.
  11. PP

    The Blue Angels do that stunt on the Pair take off - the Diamond having already departed in formation.

    The lead aircraft gets to flying speed and gets the gear up but maintains about 10 feet (and therefore doesn't break the low flying rules - I woz taking off guv, honest!), shortly afterwards he pulls like sh*t - that is what has been caught in this shot, The pressure vortices from above the engine intakes and the few degrees of flap are a bit of a give away.

    Right, I'm off to iron my Anorak

    Beef :wink:
  12. PP Sorry to disappoint, but Beefer is right, thats part of the Blue Angels take of routine.

    Is that why you pilot plant? :D :D :D

    Why not just say MDN, I was wrong can I nosh you :D
  13. Hey PP, I like the avatar. Had some happy times in the M2s, many, many years ago.
  14. The height of the Typhoon was 15ft as recorded by the FCC laser's. Hard deck was 100ft for recovery. Pilot was about 1 sec from ejection if no positive signs of a ROC were apparent. There was, so he stuck with it! Ball*y move.

    No pressure on the mate either..SofS Def was in the BAes VIP stand watching! FCC re-show at 1830 Friday night!

    I was 35m away from the aircraft and like most of the crowd..held breath and..lucky or what.

    There but for the grace of God go many other aviators..it will be easy to criticise him...but only he was at the controls...he lives to fly again a wiser pilot. That's what military aviation is all about.