Typhoon gets first kill....in Libya

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by Yeoman_dai, Apr 14, 2011.

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  1. It can. Limited to PW2 LGB, 27mm strafe, and soon PW 4. Hence BFO explosion on tank compared to the rather "dainty" effects of a Brimstone strike from a GR4.

    BTW, Sharkey's off again:-

    "This extraordinarily expensive Typhoon/Tornado PR stunt raises the further issue of why the Tornado was carrying just one laser guided bomb. That is because the fatigue problems associated with the wing configuration of this obsolete aircraft prevent it from dropping ordnance (weapons) from its two outboard wing pylons. "

    Outboard wing pylons on GR4 are dedicated to BOZ/TERMA on the starboard, and BOZ/SkyShadow on the port. If you're sticking bombs on the outboards you're as deranged as Sharkey.........
  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

  3. French Typhoons have been smashing tanks, MTLBs etc in Libya for sometime now.........why the big deal?
  4. The French don't HAVE Typhoons...Those are Rafale, the aircraft designed and built by the French to compete with Eurofighter (Typhoon). Always nice to comment sarcastically on events you don't really understand, isn't it?

    Good use of my 1000th Post, methinks.
  5. The French don't fly the Typhoon, they have the Rafale. Looks pretty similar though I'll give you that. Close up the Rafale has does have smoother lines.
  6. ...and nicer cup holders
  7. He seems to be doing that a lot.

    Good 1000th post by the way.
  8. Inline with the Common Agricultural Policy (drafted by the French), the French have taken the multi-role capabilities of the Rafale to the limit. Indeed each and every Rafale is an independent unit.
    Operators with even just one Rafale can claim 'Air Force' status and attract the same generous subsidy as a Force of 120 Typhoons.
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  9. My bad, you are indeed right! I wasn't aware. I thought that they were the same aircraft. Assumption being the mother of all fuckups and all that.

    I incorrectly assumed that the frogs used them also, since the Germans, Italians, Spanish all have them.

    They do look remarkably similar.
  10. So it's the Eurofighter for Europe, except for those that don't want it?

    Makes sense.........................
  11. Who'd have thunk it?! Everyday is a learning day.
  12. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    Sitting here sniggering at that. Thank you.

    Mind you, be careful: next we'll be forced to import Rafale even though we're 100 per cent self-sufficient [sic] in air assets.
  13. The French were involved initially with the Eurofighter project, but flounced off in a huff because nobody else wanted to make it dual Land and Naval like they did - after all, we were the UK leaders in STOVL and we will ALWAYS have STOVL carriers... anyway they buggered off, designed Rafale which has both a Land and Naval version as they wanted, and we carried on with the Land only Eurofighter.

    Technically the Typhoon is the 'better' aircraft, but rather hilariously there are all sorts of ideas floating about to try re-design they airframe at great cost to be a naval fighter, and so use them on the new carriers we have that aren't STOVL...
  14. Tripe of the first water.

    A ground target doesn't count, however well defended, and I don't expect that this was.