Typhoo Fruity Tea advert

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by trickywoo, May 28, 2006.

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  1. There’s an ad on the box at the moment with a couple of tarts talking about New Typhoo Fruit Teas and making the nicest of orgasm noises. Thing is, after they’ve been through the motions a couple of times, they show the “tea bag” going into the water and turning it red. From a hilarious schoolboy prank, with no pschological impact on the girl in q, I can tell you that what is shown is exactly, in every possible way, the same as a used tampon dissipating the gloopy blotclaat into hot water.

    Now, I realise the 30-something, fat ankled, forever single Daily Mail ubermuntering Bakerloo line office types who'll buy this crap are less discriminating than the average Albanian sexslave but surely flogging used jamrags as a tea with only the most spurious of health giving properties to ugly credulous gingers is beyond a joke. Makes me sick.
  2. It's almost as bad as lemon and lime jaffa cakes.

  3. I take back what I wrote yesterday in my apology - you're just a horrid little man. Why do you need to refer to women as "tarts"? Does it make you feel big? You're a bully but you don't know it. I have nothing more to say to you.
  4. Is it because some of them send naked pics of themselves to anonymous posters on an army web site? Thought so, you fcuking 'ho and I've seen the pick and you do have a beautiful vagina.
  5. Oh for God's sake SiggyChick - Get a life!!!! If you don't like it, why are you here? Maybe this is more to your liking www.ipcmedia.com/magazines/womansweekly/

    Edited for Sunday Morning Sausage Fingers!!!!
  6. Siggychick, get used to it. Women are tarts, doris's, split arrses and anything else you can think of. You really shouldn't take things so personally.

    Tricky, having seen the ad I have to say my first thoughs were of used tampons :D

  7. They are also money grabbing cnuts with the morals of a Belizean whore and should all be skinned and turned into ponchos.
  8. Hallelujah! Please will you apply that sentiment to the rest of us and stop your whining?
  9. Siggychick, many thanks for your PM.

    I doubt it love, the majority of the so-called bullies (including Bully) were on a crawl in Chesterfield, and ITjobless is a complete waste of space and deserves it. As is girlywhirly (the deviant who was destroyed when she realised I was not a bloke).

    How we laughed at that one.

    Has no-body told you I am a fireman really?
  10. Siggychick wrote

    Baby blues is it luv? :lol:
  11. Or is it postnatal psychosis, what out for your bunnies

  12. Or just one of lifes miserable cnuts? :roll:
  13. Its not so much the noise for me, more the knowing look the serving bird gives her.
  14. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Read the sign over the door. This is a basic world, for basic people who are or were once paid to do very extraordinary things on behalf of their country.

    If you want a politically correct world then I recommend you get a job as a "5 A Day" vegetable coordinator with the local marxist council. Very few people upset me on this forum as I have the patience of a saint and the hide of a bull rhino but don't push your luck.

  15. MiB - PM inbound, get your incontinence pants ready.