Typhoid Mary For The 21st Century?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by wotan, Mar 23, 2005.

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  1. Ok, I'll admit that I'm conflicted about which forum to have posted this one, but since it happened in Canada, here it is.

    It has been reported that a wife of a soldier at Canadian Forces Base Borden has been rather, um, "generous" in her affections. Seems she was at all the parties, but never left alone or with the same fellow. The bad part is that she is HIV positive and encouraged her partners to have unprotected sex with her, but never told them of her medical status.

    More can be found at:

    Definitely worrying for anyone that has been in Borden in the last couple of years and had the time of their life with an eager partner. Has this sort of thing happened at other bases or to other nationalities? Scary stuff, this.
  2. Not aware of any military context but there have been a number of prosecutions where one partner has knowlingly had unprotected sex despite knowing they were HIV'd
  3. Wotan:

    heard about this case and posted it on NAAFI.. troubling isn't it?..
    Jennifer has been charged, so far, with 2 counts of sexual assault and has much more pending.. Haven't seen what she looks like but she's 31 and supposedly made herself available for ' parties' throughout CFB Borden..Both military and civilian authorities are looking inot how wide spread her affection has gone..lots of exponential ' ripples ' ..

    bet a number of guys are trying to remember what they did after a recent drinking session at the Huron Club...
  4. Rocketeer,

    I noticed your thread about an hour after posting.....ooops! Anyway, they have released her name nationally (the news media that is, not DND). I have checked with our FNGs here and they all seem to recognize the name, but all claim not to have availed themselves of her, uh, "services".

    The good thing about this is it is putting a helluva scare into the guys and hopefully they will learn that if they are going to play in the rain, they have to wear a raincoat.

    Scary indeed. I'm sooooo glad I'm not a newbie trying to get laid nowadays. Too many freaks and weirdos out there. Except Angelina. She can get as freaky as she likes, she's still a goddess.
  5. The US Army back in the 70's had a problem with wife swapping clubs at some installations. With HIV it is almost better to be celebate.
  6. It's theoretically possible to contract HIV from Oral sex, but to the best of my knowledge there is no recorded case of it happening.
    PS. I do not wish to get involved in a debat on this but, I do raise money for HIV infected Orphans to give them a Christmas Party. I know one of the worlds leading experts on the subject, three pages in Google on her.
  7. See that she's been charged with multiple counts of sexual assault...
    I've no doubt that the med aid stations and the padres' offices are filling up with ' concerned FNG's and ol' boys on retraining ' over recreational opportunities and indescretions..

    Seems she liked 'em young and single, though.. don't know if that's good or bad, but, certainly would help to ' spread the word/HIV '...

    Yup, celibacy ain't looking too bad for some.. smutty books and hand cream is a lot safer than a gonzo groupie with a drip...
  8. the CF doesn't have compulsory HIV testing yet? Can anyone see it coming?

    What is it about "Borden wives" ? There have been stories for many years. This is the first I've heard that involves HIV though.
  9. Cops, civilian and military, are investigating, seems she has been plying her ' trade ' for some time...suggestion that it was a revenge ' motive ' - she may have got her HIV from a soldier type and was returning the favour..

    authorities would certainly like to track down suspect zero but, of course, privacy laws and medical confidence puts a number of blockers on that..

    interesting and scary...

    as for the Borden wives, RC, I think they sort of faded away a bit back when their ' recreational support programmes ' became a little too obvious...
  10. Still lots of horizontal recreation going on in Borden, but last I knew it was mainly between students and students and staff. The field units used to be bad....the boys would go to Wainwright or the Matawa Plain for FTX and the bars would fill up that night with cougars on the prowl.

    Anyway, this one is on the national news now and certainly will be followed for the next bit. Could definitely be some tense times for some young troops, especially if they have to give a "heads up" as it were to a wife/girlfriend. I can see lawsuits spinning out for years from this.
  11. Just read on the World-Wide Weird that they have denied this lady bail. Strange that, a sensible decision from the courts.

    Apparently a bloke in 1991/1993 timeframe infected her when she was 18, even though he knew he was HIV-positive. I have pity and compassion for her, but that still doesn't excuse her actions. A lot of lives are going to be affected by this one.