"Types" in military society

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by flamingo, Jul 12, 2009.

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  1. I'm inspired by a quote from John Keegans excellent "The Face of Battle" (1976). I'm sure some contributors to ARRSE know the author (I have never had the pleasure, but do enjoy his writing).

    The paragraph that struck me while beginning a re-reading of it after a few years is early on, (page 23 in the Penguin paperback), where he says
    My point is, from reading the contributions to ARRSE (which can be deemed to be military society, I think), I would say that a lot of these categories (especially the compulsively argumentative!) would be represented!

    Does any contributor think this is down to the changes in society since 1976, or the anonymity which is offered by the internet.

    The flip side is that ARRSE, whilst being an open discussion forum, does have a form of censure that most discussion forums does not apply, i.e.. the "O2 Thief" tag, which whilst being short of total banning and erasure of posts, is an indication to other members that in some way, a member's views may be considered suspect.

    Do any other members of ARRSE have a view on this?
  2. A rather 1970's view of humanity it seems... anyone who compartmentalises their mind will be ill before too long! It was a time when we liked 'typing' people, from the Type A poishernalities, to MyerBriggs et al.

    We can now all be 'ourselves'... some even wear those offensive crocs shoes! ewwwww...
  3. :? WHAT?! You need a life, mate!
  4. I disagree on some but not all of the points you have raised.
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    (I was thinking of you when I put in the O2 Thief bit, and thought should I generalise so much, then decided "what the hell!" :D )
  7. I was more aiming it at the grown-ups! :twisted:
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