type your user name with your elbow

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by crash_landing, Jun 7, 2007.

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  1. hey, i'm bored as hell here so just type your username with your elbow and we'll all laugh at the mongish typing

  2. meh, why not

    c rewscenbt
  3. Kn0ber... to the hole pleae MOD's
  4. How about we all don't bother...........

    Straight into the arrse-hole for this thread is my prediction.
  5. cuiddfkleas
  6. spunkymonkey

    What can I say? I'm multi-skilled ;)
  7. gbholn hzxso

    feckin hell - you lot must have really pointy elbows!
  8. billyx= imasexgod

    what do ya know eh,the misses was right!

    bordom should kill you know:)
  9. maszuij564
  10. nah ,type it whth your penis

  11. ok:


    In my dreams

  12. duyckjuicx uia\OI
  13. dcfde4oswaz0oklt

    And the computer beeped a lot.

    God I must be bored.
  14. sa.;/k,gb.,l. cv,k

    and now the boss is looking at me like an idiot (again)
  15. blazing spanners

    Weve had the elbow now for the arse!