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Who uses ARRSE the most?

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No, absolutely not..

if they were, they'd be using laptops whilst sipping their crappyfrappychino at the internet hookup at Starbucks on ' break '...

those at desks are obviously ' real ' working folk [ myself excluded - according to the missus ]...
Personal options/variations are;

On leave at home (broadband connection...woooooo)

On ship alongside (anywhere in the world) but ashore and in an internet café. Beer and whores can wait.

On ship alongside (anywhere in mobile range) with ‘hi-tech comms card’ in personal laptop.

On ship at sea (anywhere in mobile range) with ‘hi-tech comms card’ in personal laptop and hoping the ship doesn’t change course.

Hotel, holiday/ training course/foreign shore posting, laptop……….blah

Foregoing options are similar to everyone else's, civilian, ex service or serving. Few are confined to home or office. Letterwritingman, are you bored?