Type of suit for interview

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by 04mayb, Nov 16, 2008.

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  1. You're applying to join the Army, not be an extra on a bad Mafia film or a member of Greenday
  2. As i said i didnt buy it, it was brought for me
  3. A shell suit!!
  4. Wah armour on;
    The more traditional the suit the better, I remember going to an interview, and there was this camp lad with a really fashionable topman (or similiar), sort of suit, who looked like he'd just walked off a cat walk. I tend to think it gave the wrong wrong impression.
    Think James Bond.
  5. Didnt they like you then?
  6. Only twats wear black shirts and ties, wear this instead.
  7. Ah he must be going Paras or Marines then.
  8. Brought? don't you mean bought?
  9. http://www.joke.co.uk/fancy_dress/Rubies_Fancy_Dress_Costumes/Gangster_Black_Shirt_Front_&_White_Tie.html

    Get a grip: not difficult to look you are a serious contender rather than a joke.

    If you want to go suited just plain dark grey, blue or black. Nothing flash and you have to find something you are comfortable wearing or risk ending up looking like The Accused trying to impress the jury.

    White shirt, decent but non flash tie, a plain black leather belt, socks darker than your suit and non chunky well polished black shoes.

    No bling apart from a watch and make sure that is of itself not an Ali G horror. Forget the aftershave but treat your armpits to some exta anti-pong but nothing that smells like carpet freshener.