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Hi, havae any arsers had experience of getting a type approval number in Germany. I recently bought a trike and went to get it BFG'd. My application was rejected as there was no type approval number on the V5. I was told to go to the local TUV office. I telephoned them and explained what I wanted and the guy said it could cost over a €1000 to get the certificate. Any ideas on doing this on the cheap.
I think there is a trike hire place in Hohne, maybe worth speaking to them to see if you have a similar build.

Is it a kit trike or a coach built one?
If you have a valid V5, why do you need a type approval number?
PS The BFG systemis always a pain when you have anything out of the ordinary as the people who set the rules do not consdider all the perfectly legal possibilities.
Need type approval as trike was registered 9 years ago. If it was over 10 years old it would not need one. I have asked if I can re-submit my forms to get it BFG'd in Feb when it will be 10 years old. Fingers crossed.
You missed my point. Your trike has been previously perfectly legally registered in the UK on a V5. Why do BFG not just accept that? I could see why you would have a problem with a previously unregistered vehicle but this is just some office wallah making life difficult because he can.
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