Type 7 the game

Type 7 arrived the other week, a laser cut plywood game.

In essence you are the Kapitan of a Type 7 U-boat, and play a series of missions for the glory of the Father land.

Innovative discs mean that no app is needed, but you don't know what you will find until you look...is it a destroyer or a cargo ship?

I haven't played yet, as I am painting/sealing mine before I glue it together, but it has been enjoyable doing what I have so far.

Did anyone else get one?
Just in case people want to know more:

I'll throw some pics of the staining and glueing so far up in a minute

This is the deck gun ammo tray, used in game it holds the ammo you have chosen from the available options offered at mission start and when replenished. Max 20 rounds, AP and HE available. I intend to stain them in a suitable colour scheme, I am quite pleased with the "worn paint" look the stains have given it.


Ammo crate. Used in game, but not "on boqrd" the sub. This i have sealed only the base to preserve the laser etching, and stained the dividers to assist with contrast. The laser flash on the underside(when cut) has has an odd effect on the stain.


Finally (for now) the component tray. Only used for upgrades and replenished in game, and this one is sealed only. Next I will be doing the munitions, various, but haven't started yet.

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